The Point of it All

th (30)As a boy growing up in the sixties I was fascinated how the pictures on the television set emerged from a point of nothing to fill the entire screen when you switched it on. I was equally intrigued that when you turned it off the picture withdrew back to the point and vanished. Many years later I realised the symbolism of the function of that old television set. The TV screen represents the infinity of space or mind. The point is the idea of existence emerging from the nothing at tremendous speed. The pictures on the screen are instantaneously captured through the greatest programme ever, containing in one miraculous moment everything that could ever be. Before the observing viewer can process the immediacy of the moment, the point withdraws at the same incredible speed and vanishes. This describes the original moment of eternity that is forever recurring within the mind as the creative flow or now – the point of it all.

How to get to the point so that life can be realised as a complete inner and outer harmony, regardless of the caprice of external forces, is the question. Looking deeper into the eternal mind reveals the point in more detail. Implicit in eternity is I who arise as the reflective function of intelligence, without which existence would be stillborn and unmoving. I am the one and only appearing as the many. Wherever I am there is life or, put another way, wherever there is life I am. God or the creative principle is life which requires no belief or the objectification with anyone or anything. I am the life that is the vital being that sustains all things that I cherish and hold dear to me. My lesser function is love which enables the truth I am to be known. Human beings are multiple projections of me, the one I inherent behind all forms. The way that I enter existence is through the psyche or matter of the body. To the mind I am unknowable and appear as nothing that can be quantified or defined. To rare individuals who love me enough to sacrifice their self for me so that I can enter fully their body I reveal who I am. This is called God realisation or Self-realisation. The great spiritual masters and mystics throughout the ages have given inspiration and glimpses of reality through their realisations and instruction through their teachings.

This is my perception of Consciousness when realised in the body. I am aware of being blessed to be in such a holy state. My body exists, but with no position or centre, and there is a remarkable freedom and connection with the essence of all things. I smile inwardly for the knowledge is implicit that God is, and has always been, my love. I see that I am everlasting life with no defined bodily shape or physical restrictions. Space is perceived with an extraordinary quality that gives depth and meaning to the significance of objects beyond the sensory perception. Implicit in the state is the knowledge of immortality, that there is no death in God’s creation only life. Physical death is irrelevant in this state and makes no difference to my essential being. This is freedom beyond all worldly concepts or notions and is through the grace of the originating power of spirit. Although nothing can prepare for such a realisation, when it happens I recognise that I have taken my place within the grand scheme of things and I am immensely grateful for the privilege beyond any words that can be expressed.

We experience in a similar way the moment of eternity when waking up from sleep as I (whoever I am) come to my senses as the centre point of my creation or world. As I perceive my world, so it is. When for example I am in love or in the state of equilibrium, there is peace on earth regardless of the appearance of things. Whenever I am angry, moody or agitated, the world is in conflict and must reflect back that condition in the circumstance of the life. The world exists as a mirror of my self. ‘As within so without’ is the old adage that describes the reality of how I, the individual man or woman, create my existence according to my self-knowledge or otherwise my ignorance of life. The world exists to perpetuate the progressive drive of the human race. Few have ever paused to question where the progressive drive is heading. The body of humanity is sick and in a condition of relentless inner turmoil. The division between the rich and poor continues to widen, as does the gulf between the industrial economic powers of developed nations and third world countries. The breakdown of civil unrest and indiscriminate violence carried out by terrorist cells continues to destabilise morale and the security of the masses. By any stretch of the imagination the civilising process of humanity still has a long way to go.

The emotional and psychological dying or detachment from existence is an intensely painful and traumatic process. Only God knows who is able in a particular body to withstand the unconscious forces that must somehow be aligned with the source of life. The wonderful thing is that everyone gets through and that each life recurrence is a contribution to the greater good. The tragedy is that few realise this whilst alive and blatantly refuse to face the awful truth of existence until they are compelled at the moment of death. Death is the meaning of life on earth. “Everybody Dies” should be the banner on every school, college and educational institution. At least this would expose the great taboo of the western culture to the keen perception of youth, who could then intelligently address this most important area of human existence. The truth is immortal life and the purpose of living is to realise this mighty truth whilst alive so as to be free to enjoy life as a being of the earth.

At this epoch of human evolution more people than ever before have the opportunity of dying to existence and making the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. Self-knowledge strips away the attachment to existence through the power of negation and surrender to God – or whatever name you give to the power and reality within. This is the spiritual process which I have endeavoured to impart, but only as an indication of something vaster behind the appearance of the world. There are no restrictions to the wonder and glory of God’s mind, just as there are no limits to the delusion of the human mind.

Lance Kelly 2015