The Power of Spirit

November 6, 2021 2 By Lance Kelly

Spirit is a word that is indefinable. But it can be recognised in those moments when, suddenly, there’s an inner joy which is not brought about by anything external but simply the delight of being alive. The spirit is what each of us is as a being without fear or limitation. However, something obscures the glory of this spiritual purity which intermittently spoils the quality of the living life. This is the personal self – the force within the matter of the body.

Power is synonymous with spiritual energy. What is powerful is still and unaffected by the forces of the world which exist to shake, if they can, the resolve of the spiritual warrior. The spirit is invoked when the mind is quiescent and the body consciousness is receptive to the subtlety of the inner being. Since birth, the mind and emotions have formed a psychic body of self. Until purified of past and negativity, this body of pain stands guard against the incoming spiritual power to preserve its own survival as the usurper of love in existence.

When the spirit comes forward to be intuited within the sensory awareness, the life is changed irrevocably. From now on, living takes on a new quality since the man or woman is inwardly infused with the light of the spiritual power. Circumstances change the life’s direction, and existence takes on a radical new meaning and sense of purpose. The emotional body of self, no longer having things its own way as before, begins to play up. Still able to manipulate the external life, the pressure increases on the individual to be true to their new source of inspiration. Old friends from the past may appear to coax the person back to the old way of life; or for someone endeavouring to purify their unconscious sexual drive, the temptation arises to enter another relationship just for sex. The possibilities are endless; but with the developing spiritual perception, the old way of life is gradually transformed.

It is said by some spiritual masters that liberation and union with God is effortless, implying that it just happens without someone having to go through the tumultuous inner process of dying to existence. It may be effortless on the other side where all is unalterable as a divine equilibrium, but it takes enormous effort to counter the resistance of the personal self when it feels it’s going mad under the relentless gaze of the spiritual light. Until the focus of intelligence turns inwards, the self is untroubled within its domain of emotional energy. Able to roam at will, it takes whatever is necessary for its survival, sucking the virtue from the person in a way so as not to be identified as the culprit; the self is the arch trickster, skilled in subterfuge and deceit. The world mirrors the self as the collective force of the billions of selves alive at any time. It works the same way as the personal self, with no one responsible for what it’s done or is doing in profaning the virtue of the planet.

The transformation of self is indeed a hard and intensely protracted process. The power of spirit is invoked through the conscious surrender of self to the unknowable inner source. The power is the timeless quality of original space seeping through the atoms of the psychic body of self; this is registered as the pain of unconscious past being restored to the purity of love. It’s to contain both the spiritual and emotional energies for as long as possible by letting go continuously of any build-up of pressure. Complete impartiality is necessary, for this is a privileged state of being that is happening. Through the volition of the man or woman, and grace of the spirit, the impurity of self is gradually transformed of its negativity and the corruption in matter. This is the same procedure that occurs in the after death process. The difference is that it is being done while alive and remaining conscious of the purpose.

Death is the cleansing energy of life, a shedding of all that has been. Vitally present, it transforms all things in creation with the immediacy of every new moment. The journey of the spiritual man or woman is the conscious dying to existence. It is an inner death, a psychological and emotional purging which begins with the dawning of maturity when the impermanence of living is perceived. The spiritual purpose of these times is for more people to pass through the death state while alive. Success by the few will create a sustaining light of spirit for others to cross to the other side.