The Scream of Existence

January 4, 2019 0 By Lance Kelly

The first utterance of the infant body is a cry of bewildered anticipation of the new life recurrence. From crying to dying is the way of life on earth for human beings. Young children prepare for the crippling experience that awaits them by projecting their incipient pain in playing together and often shouting at the top of their voices. Their screams, although lacking in the emotional substance of the actual living experience, form the outline of moulds in the subconscious which set firm the emotional energy, not unlike liquid jelly which firms up in the fridge.

The responsibility of the loving parents or guardians is to ensure that the children are able to play and enjoy themselves, but do not become identified with the momentum of whatever they are doing. This is a crucial factor in the raising of children because, even at such a young age, the psychic forces pervade the mind and possess anyone whose inner frequency exceeds a prescribed level of emotional excitability. This is why children are often tearful and demanding after a prolonged period of play, or anything which has over-stimulated their emotional body.

The scream of existence, at a deeper octave of perception, arises in woman through her pain and fury at man for his betrayal of love throughout the ages. This energy is the impersonal female demon which every woman must confront and resolve within herself in her spiritual life. For man the scream manifests as the hellish torment of his attachment to sex, which is the root of his frustration, restlessness, impatience and confusion as to his true function in existence. Man’s true function is to love woman; but today, with the residue of thousands of years of sexual dishonesty and avoidance of the purpose of love, it’s far more convenient for man to love another man, and for woman to love another female. This is because nothing stirs the emotional hurts and disappointments of the past more than the physical love between the genders. Only in this alchemy of love between the male and female principles can the spiritual state of equilibrium be tested sufficiently.

The knowledge of love and its mighty purpose is virtually non-existent. Lovers come together and have wonderful experiences for a while, and then the golden light becomes a shadow of gloom and despair. This is the tragedy and fate of every young girl who screams while playing in mock terror and apprehension, and of every young boy who will be cloned in the father’s image and be as bewildered in love as he. The purpose of love is for man to restore his beloved to her original state of beauty and innocence. Only in the fructification of physical union between man and woman is the purity of love able to be realised in existence.

When love is made in the flesh in simplicity and grace, the female essence ‘travels’ on a beam of the unified consciousness to her womb. This is the spiritual garden from which all the garden myths arose. Once in her place, the woman is betrothed to God as her true nature in the divinity of love. From there she beckons man to enter, for he cannot cross the threshold to the Garden of Eden without her consent. As he enters the garden, the two become one in the flesh and the scream of existence is extinguished for good.