The Spiritual Vision

February 10, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

The spiritual vision is an ever-widening perception of reality. Although somewhat of a rarity as an uninterrupted state of being, there can be momentary openings which many people have experienced as psychic visions, especially when close to physical death. The primary focus of the spiritual life is to realise the profound knowledge of immortal life while alive in a physical body. Everything else undertaken in the world fades into insignificance compared with this mighty task.

Anyone who dares to tell others of any spiritual revelation will often be ridiculed – or be reasonably assured that what they experienced was due to hallucination or an over-imaginative mind. The difference between hallucinations triggered by an emotional impulse (which includes any drug-induced perception of reality) and the mystic’s spiritual realisation is retained within the integrity of the psyche. Nobody ever found God or truth by any external agency such as drugs, rituals or religion. Not the real God anyway. This is because of the integrity of the spiritual system, which filters the purity of formless life through the echelons of the psyche into sensory existence. When a true spiritual vision happens, there’s no mistaking its impact as anything that can be refuted in the light of its enduring reality. At the highest level of mind, the spiritual vision has no form.

When the balance between the spiritual, psychic and material realms is even minutely disturbed, a ripple effect is created along the psychic flow of reality. So when someone perceives a spiritual truth or vision through religious belief or ingesting drugs, the integrity of the psyche must adapt to what’s been taken out of context of the human psyche as a whole. This is why it often takes religious fanatics or heavy users of narcotics many years for their psychic systems to catch up with the timeless energy of reality. The tragedy is that many are unable to reconcile the energy of truth within them with their need to project their reactionary emotional self into the world.

As a creative cell within the great body of humanity, we’re each on an epic journey to realise the truth of existence. Every experience of the living process produces an expanding vision of reality. Whether someone is aware of this at a conscious level is irrelevant to the impersonal movement of life. However, this can be demonstrated in everyone’s experience when attitudes change with the passage of time. Events and circumstances are seen to have a profound meaning beyond the appearance of things as the dull ache of the world is transformed to a higher octave of love and inner clarity. As the spiritual vision continues to widen, there can be a profound realisation that everything that has happened, whether perceived as good or bad, has been necessary within the integrity of the whole.

The deeper the love of the indefinable God, the more the tangible materialism of the world is seen as a transitory phase where being alive or dead becomes increasingly irrelevant to the spiritual vision that encapsulates the whole. This is not possible until the element of self has been surrendered sufficiently in the process of dying to existence. During this process the individual must be able to bear for increasingly long periods the absence of experience, which to the mind appears as nothing. People are protected from the unbearable emptiness of this state until it’s time because of their attachment to the world of experience.

When the conscious focus on nothing can be held without the wavering of the mind, there’s a merging with the incoming current of reality within the purified space of the psyche. Then the man or woman is no longer a personal being but a visionary able to perceive things as they are. And they can then begin to fulfil their divine purpose to be a source of inspiration for the betterment of humanity.