The Stillness of Love

October 28, 2017 0 By Lance Kelly

Stillness is the essence of love, a state of simplicity and grace. This sense of love is inconceivable to the mind, but not beyond being as the innocence of life in the flesh. As an unalterable state, love is powerless to act in isolation of its other aspect of reality. This is truth, the governing principle within matter that directs love’s path and gives purpose to the relationship of all things.

Whatever happens on the surface of the world is a projection in sense on the perimeter of mind; for the state of love is the stillness within the movement of form. Even in the most turbulent storm at sea there’s a place of stillness below the surface where all is calm and silent. It’s the same when making love, regardless of what’s happening outside in the passion of the exchange.

Stillness is love’s domain, a place where nothing happens to upset the purity of space, the absence of time between each frame of existence. The original state of love is motionless as space purified of any emotional force or wanting. This absence of thought and intent, when contained without leaving the immediacy of the moment, is the presence of love in the flesh. To reach this state, all that’s required is a body and the willingness to surrender to the subtlety of stillness within.

Emotion clings to the world as experience attached to the blind outer forces of existence. Love lets go each moment and offers no resistance to the pure of heart who seek nothing but to die into love’s mystery. Love then soars to the divine, divested even of beauty, the last trace of existence. When nothing perceives nothing, what remains is the pure idea of all that existence represents. This is the moment of truth where the essence of love converges as a point of radiant spirit, the place of eternal peace beyond the confines of time.

The virtue of the living process is humanity’s becoming, which evolves as consciousness to serve life in its infinite forms towards a deepening realisation of the unity and stillness of love.

image: Carlos Quintero