The Threshold

April 21, 2019 0 By Lance Kelly

There’s a band within the psyche through which all who venture to realise a deeper truth must eventually pass. This is the threshold to what’s termed the higher states of consciousness. From a sensory observation, it’s not unlike the appearance of a black hole, which is precisely what the scientist perceives in the objective universe. To delve more deeply into outer space, the manifestation of black holes will first have to be resolved within the mind of the scientist himself. The difference is that the reality is within the body and not in the external projection.

The threshold is guarded by the unresolved aspects of self – primarily the fear of death and the unconscious. Every difficulty encountered in life is an opportunity to confront a fragment of the guardian of the threshold. Paradoxically, it’s the fear of the unknown which shields the full radiant glare of the spirit from anyone unprepared through the catharsis of self-dissolution. On a broader scale, the unenlightened aspects of self act as a deterrent for anyone attempting to barge their way into heaven before it’s time.

As the inner journey into the psyche becomes ever more profound, the quality of space becomes finer as an abstract lens of increasing magnification. By now the swiftness of intelligence is consonant with consciousness, which is the incoming light from eternity. Light and intelligence are synonymous with spiritual power in the absence of any trace of self-reflection. When existence is transcended as any formality of mind, what remains is nothing except the purity of space, which is both perceiver and receiver of reality.

In these moments of spiritual insight and realisation, aspects of reality can be intuited in their full energetic splendour without any positional bias. These perceptions have been reported throughout the ages by such visionaries as the prophet Ezekiel in the bible, and by many others who have had the privilege of being inducted into this extraordinary realm. Sometimes people enter these areas of the psyche while asleep or in near-death experiences. It’s not uncommon for people to declare upon awakening that it was so real, as though being conscious while awake. This is because it’s possible to be dreaming and asleep at the same time. Often in the self-realisation process, and in the experience of people not overtly spiritual, there can be a blending of energies which produce incredible insights from different parts of the psyche.

Before someone can have conscious access to the pure psyche or spiritual levels of mind, they will have to confront the psychic double. This is the accumulation of their entire life experience on earth. Sometimes this primal energy rises to the frontal awareness, and such is the sense of dread and intensity of the experience that it is never forgotten. This can be a gradual realisation or it may externalise as a meeting with the entity itself. To give some idea what this entails, consider how challenging it is to let go of anger or frustration, or any other negative emotion when the pressure’s on. To confront the psychic double is to face the combined emotional mass as one inconceivable entity of immemorial past.

At every stage of the spiritual process, it’s the personal self which guards the threshold to spiritual freedom. The justice and integrity of this is irrefutable, since whatever is realised is gained solely through the virtue of an individual’s devotion to love and truth. And so it said that nobody can liberate another – only, perhaps, to point them in the right direction if they have passed that way themselves.