The Truth of Manifestation

February 10, 2023 1 By Lance Kelly

A popular movement of the times is to manifest through varying techniques something which will benefit the personal life. This is a form of psychic magic that’s been around for aeons but given a new dusting for the modern age. There are different approaches and some have more virtue than others, but is it really necessary to complicate the simplicity of life? Everything is manifested now as the scene presented by the senses. And this is the place to begin in any exploration of reality.

To manifest something through personal volition is an action of self, which has a personal bias that will differ from the wants and desires of someone else. In the enlightened state there is the knowledge that everything happens at the behest of the Divine Will, which is aligned with the individual consciousness of the man or woman. Then what follows serves the good of the whole regardless of the appearance of things in the world. The integrity of the realised state of being ensures a synchronicity between both inner and outer states that functions in the absence of wanting anything other than what life presents as the living truth of the moment. Within this state is the total freedom to do whatever is necessary but without attachment to the outcome.

When at ease in a conscious state of mind, the manifold forces of existence merge as a wave of undifferentiated power which eliminates the past as any negative effects in time. Consequently whatever is needed manifests for good without any taint of self or personal wanting. Whatever unfolds is known to be right since there is no longer the attachment to experience as a need. What the teachers of manifestation methods don’t say is that what was manifested yesterday or last year now appears as the circumstances causing the greatest disturbance in the life – or will do very soon. Or else the person will hanker for change and resort to manifest something different.  And should manifesting become a way of life, it will be impossible to be at peace for long after the death of the body without the impulse to manifest another life in form. Such is the fate of ignorance.

If manifestation works for you (which it often does since human beings are co-creators with God), that’s fine – I’m not trying to tell you what to do or asking you to agree with me. But there will always be a personal flaw in any form of induced manifestation, conscious or otherwise, while there’s attachment to the world of experience. Once someone has success in manifesting, a self-driven power element attaches itself to the emotional excitation of the person, who will then try to manifest greater wealth, success and, in particular, heightened sexual gratification; this then creates an opposite polarity which stirs all the unhappiness in the world.

Even when the impulse in people is altruistic in serving the greater good, unless they know what they’re dealing with as the full psychic force of humanity’s past, they will never be free in existence. However there is one thing that we can all contribute to that has no negative effects. The spiritual octave of manifestation is giving. When any emotional negativity arises, it’s to give up the right to be in revolt to the natural harmony which is God. This then translates to giving to life and the people we serve without looking to get anything in return. When this becomes a way of life, whatever is needed manifests without any effort or trying which would otherwise upset the psyche and bring misery and misfortune to someone somewhere in the world.