The Universal Womb

May 15, 2021 2 By Lance Kelly

The compulsive desire behind every woman is to unite with the source of her womb; for a man it’s to enter the beauty of the female mystery in reverence to this most sacred place in existence. Neither the man nor woman can do this in isolation of the opposite gender. Although this operates mostly at an unconscious level, the overall effects of the resistance to the natural way of love manifest globally as anti-social behaviour, emotional negativity and mass psychosis in the world. The spiritual system of reality is validated at every level through the relationships between all things in the sensory world. But only in the galvanising fire of love generated through the sexual exchange of man and woman can the searing impersonal love of the universal womb be realised.

The spiritual magnet that never lets man or woman rest emanates from the universal womb, a furnace of cosmic convulsion where the idea of existence is continually being conceived. The space of the physical womb has a resonance not unlike the still ambience in a church or mosque, which are crude attempts to replicate this spiritual sanctuary of the female principle. Each woman personifies mother earth as the innate wisdom of love and compassion for all things. As life is conceived within the womb, so woman bears the pain of childbirth as a sacrifice in love for the delivery of her sons and daughters to the earth. The birth seals the bond between mother and her offspring, both in the flesh and blood of the living organism and at the spiritual octave behind the form.

Once long ago, before love was discarded as a way of being, the universal womb was the natural meeting point in the flesh of the male and female genders. The making of love ensured that the connection between the physical and spiritual sides of existence merged as a harmony of divine being. This original state of love is still within each of us but mostly obscured from conscious perception by the accumulation of past, affirmed daily by our emotional way of life. The appearance and direction humanity has taken in its progressive drive towards nowhere but death is inconsequential to the bigger picture. Regardless of any reasonable excuse to the contrary, love and lovemaking is of the highest concern for everybody until the last breath of the mortal life.

The universal womb encompasses the level of the psyche where the vast reservoir of recirculating life is reconstituted in the after death process. All life having experienced sensory existence passes back into the universal womb at death; as all life passes out as each new life recurrence. The reflective function of the universal womb enables the experiences of the life just lived to be reviewed in the first stages of the after death process. Here the attachments to the world that were experienced excessively, or relationships that invoked intense feelings, are purged of the negative element of self, such as sexual possession, greed and the drive for power over others. The first level of the universal womb is hell. All life that’s experienced the sensual world passes back through hell; but not everyone suffers. Hell provides the opportunity to perceive from an altered state of consciousness the areas of the life that, given another chance, could be rectified through a broader perspective and deeper compassion of life lived in sense.

The purpose of love on earth is to enter the universal womb while alive as a conscious state of being. To do this involves transforming the hellish energies of the personal self. This is the purpose of love at this phase of human evolution. That it’s hard and puts enormous strain and demand on those willing to make the sacrifice for love is irrelevant. The opposition and resistance to making love is because few can now face the hell of themselves in the reflection of the other, while undergoing the intensity of the process and holding only to the love that brought them together. This is the basis of tantric love and why it’s so rare for someone not only to live but to realise, having been transformed through the purity of love. The furnace of a thousand suns, which is the power of attraction that finds completion in the sacred union of the male and female bodies, is none other than the emanation of eternal love forever calling the lovers of the earth back home.