Vulnerable to Love

October 28, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

Being vulnerable to love is a state of readiness to surrender any feelings of fear and doubt for the privilege of giving back something of true value to the earth. Vulnerability at the spiritual octave is a conscious state of discovered purpose which puts the principle of love first beyond consideration of any emotional demands of the personal self. Whereas vulnerability in a worldly sense implies being defenceless and exposed to the forces of existence, when vulnerable to love the power of the surrendered state protects the man or woman unto death.

Love is the great teacher; but the tuition from this divine spiritual principle operates in the present and cannot be received as direct knowledge through the memorable impressions of the past. Consequently, with the emphasis people put on their experiences of past relationships, particularly the pain and disappointments or heightened elations of excitement, the purpose of love remains elusive. The struggle to reconcile the deep love people often experience with another with the inner saboteur of self (which soon becomes demanding and dysfunctional) is accepted as normal symptoms in personal relationships. Normal it may be, but it’s certainly not natural to the state of love.

Love teaches in a way that allows someone to perceive the truth of life in their own experience. This love does by not interfering in the affairs of man and woman but by simply being present throughout the journey of existence. Love waits on the moment in the supreme knowledge that when someone has suffered enough, and delighted enough in the pleasure of love’s divine elixir, they will arrive at an impasse. The unconscious pursuit of the impossible union in the outer world eventually brings the individual to their knees. It’s at this moment when all appears lost that the man or woman is vulnerable to love, which can now be received as the benediction of the spiritual state itself.

Being vulnerable to love is to be willing to put the life on the line regardless of the outcome or what the world may do or say. It’s to come to life by daring to wager everything on being true to the inner convictions of the deepest part of the being. How can someone know that they are being true to love and not their personal feelings? By being prepared to die to their self for what they know to be real and true to the purpose of being alive. Being vulnerable to love is synonymous with the romance of life. The true significance of romance reveals itself in the drama of living, but rarely in our modern convenient hi-tech world. Nonetheless, everyone alive can invoke this stirring passion of our own inner nature.

It’s to be vulnerable to the possibilities of the ever-changing moment and not succumb to the propaganda of the media, but to simply see what’s going on without becoming identified with the effects of the world. The power of love is not an abstract notion. It’s the spiritual identity behind the form through which everyone and everything we see, and reach out towards, reflects back as facets of the one indivisible Being. To be vulnerable to love is to live without expectation, but in the knowledge of being engaged in something vaster than our transient time in our formal bodily existence. This is the true romance of life and love on earth.