What is Consciousness?

August 20, 2022 2 By Lance Kelly

Consciousness is the reflected light of the eternal mind; an agency of truth inherent in all things. Each life form demonstrates, through its particular characteristics and behaviour, the workings of consciousness in matter. The purpose of existence is for life, in whatever form it manifests, to become ever more conscious of the source of its intelligence. The more attached someone is to the world of experience, the less inclination there will be to look inwards. The pull for such a person to be outwardly fixated on the motional world will override the subtle intimations of the inner light of consciousness.

Human beings are unique amongst the species in having the potential to realise the source of their inner divinity. Each human being is at a particular evolutionary point of consciousness comparable to their degree of self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is the developing light of consciousness which determines an individual’s perception of reality. Some people are able to demonstrate the radiance of light with brilliance and originality whereas the lights of others operate well below their enlightened potential. However it’s the sheer diversity of self-knowledge as a gradient of evolved consciousness that accounts for the shimmering contrast of lights within the vast body of humanity. The spiritual significance of this reveals itself when looked upon from the other side of the sensory world.

Looking deeper into the reality system, we see that the function of consciousness serves as a retainer of pure knowledge at the abstract level of existence. Ideas are released from the eternal mind in response to the evolutionary needs of the times. A spiritual idea is unable to manifest in the sensory world in its original purity. The solution is to reduce in potency its spiritual essence to allow other ideas to blend and particularise the characteristics of a species or organism. The pristine eternal idea of a rose, for example, manifests in the wide variety of roses, each evolving towards the ideal rose in existence. The ideal can never eventuate but ensures the ongoing creative process in time.

Consciousness differs from pure intelligence. Pure intelligence is the direct transmission of reality unconditioned by the mind. This undifferentiated perception of reality is the next phase of human evolution that is currently arising into conscious awareness. Despite its purity of light, consciousness is primarily an effect of pure intelligence, which preceded its emergence in the original moment of eternity. This imbues consciousness with a subtle ripple effect, not dissimilar to the waves of light that shimmer on the ocean surface. Without this cosmic wave to radiate the light of consciousness through sensory perception, the idea of life on earth would be stillborn with no way for I the individual to realise God or the truth.

The divine imperative ensures that all living things undergo in the sensory world what is necessary to bring about a conscious awakening, not only as the virtue of humanity but for life wherever it may be in the immeasurable expanse of the cosmos.