Money for Nothing

imagesCAWD2C35Money is the lifeblood necessary to function in the materially driven western culture. Without money it’s impossible to survive for long unless supported by another or some external aid. Everyone has access to some money although the gap between the super-rich and the poor is astronomical. How did such an apparent injustice in the share-out of material gain happen? Can the situation ever be rectified so that the massive wealth of the few can be distributed more evenly amongst the many? And, as an even more radical proposition, what could possibly replace money as the currency of the world?

Any exchange of money or commodities, from buying a pint of milk to a multi-million pound takeover bid, involves the transference of energy or movement of matter. Global trade and commerce provides the conduit for the force of matter to be shifted about from one corner of the earth to another. Money, so they say, keeps the world going around – which is absolutely essential to the financial speculators to keep the charade going. The master money-maker is a mind-bending trickster who manipulates the financial markets with the consummate skill of the finest illusionist. He functions as a mental spasm, affixed to his computer screen, in a quantifying world of numbers and symbols; and delights, not so much in the acquisition of wealth alone, but in the power at the touch of a button to move mass or matter in the world.

The bankers, financiers and industrialists are the high priests of the material age who deal in the trade of shifting values. The value of money fluctuates, like human emotions, with changing external events and circumstances. When the excesses of greed reach a prescribed point, the balloon bursts and the world dips into financial chaos for a while. Growth follows recession and after a brief period of respite the cycle repeats itself, stoked by the media to keep the masses riveted to the latest news. The only thing that never changes is that the ‘have-a-lots’ keep getting richer and the ‘not-a-lots’ keep getting poorer.

The super-rich frequent a place far away from the prying eyes of the public in the rarefied air of opulence and luxury. They symbolise the mythic gods on Mount Olympus; the impossible dream of the majority for inexhaustible wealth and power. The privileged super-rich are untouchable and actually support the unsteady foundations of the world psyche. They do this because they are so solidly attached to the material world that their intense desire patterns have created, over time, a permanent energetic presence within the human psyche. Furthermore, their attachment produces an aura of congested matter that surrounds their manifested physical presence in the world. This has some strange side effects. One of these is the obsession with cleanliness and personal hygiene. The extreme attachment to materiality manifests as a psychic odour of greed that emanates from within and creates the compulsion to be cleansed of any external impurities. Another effect due to the inertia of matter is that extremely wealthy people are observed to move more slowly and exert less energy in their bodily movements than their less physically entrenched subjects.
The lion’s share of the world’s wealth was snatched up early in human evolution by the privileged minorities who where able to control the masses through the psychological manipulation of power. The early kings and rulers consolidated their positions by forging powerful alliances with other influential families or tribes. In time these became nations and formed the hierarchical structure of the modern world. They created the illusion of unassailable power by creating elaborate rituals and building magnificent monuments to symbolise their worldly authority. Money was the pay-off for those in service to the privileged classes and the means to keep them in their place. And it’s been business as usual for millennia.
As long as each new generation is able to accrue material wealth, the lineage will continue to flourish. The royal line of the remaining kings and queens continues in this fashion, as do all the ruling dynasties left in the world.  However, they are not invulnerable to the forces of the world psyche, which constantly probe for any weakness in the foundations. When a fault line develops, a royal house or dynasty’s lineage is undermined and collapses, such as happened to the Tsars of Russia or, in modern times, the assassination of the Kennedys. These events that shake the world represent a shift in human consciousness whenever they occur. The fall of the House of Windsor (which is pending) will be a catalyst for social revolution and radical political changes, affecting not only the UK but the global community of business and commerce.
The huge discrepancy between the rich and the poor will continue to become more discernible in the coming decades due to the depletion of natural resources and the continual increase of the earth’s population. The shortage of raw materials and living space will produce civil unrest and hyperinflation, widening the gap between the moneyed classes and the poverty liners. Individual states and territories will become exclusive dwellings for those that can afford to pay for their material amenities. The super-rich are now untouchable and, with the super-poor, represent an unalterable division that exists as a polarising effect of human nature. So things will never change in terms of the distribution of wealth.

A way of life without money is impossible in this epoch of human evolution. From an early age we are taught to revere its god-like quality to provide virtually anything that the heart desires. It’s necessary to be able to handle money; but to be free of its hypnotic power of attachment is not easy. To man, money provides the means to be independent and to support the practical demands of living. However, within every man at a deeper level is the force of the world. The force of the world is sex. At some point the force of money and the craving for sex collide. So, inevitably, man will use money to control or have power over woman and the most common way is to pay for the services of a prostitute for sex.
   Money’s base appeal is its anonymity. Its faceless identity mirrors the perverse nature of sex without love. Within every woman is the fear of being bought and held to ransom by man’s manipulation of her love. To be rid of the possessive hold of money, it is necessary to be consciously reduced to nothing. Then, through the realisation of the true value of money, all can be provided without the need to trade in the degradation of the virtue of man or woman.

The manner in which money is earned or handled is reflected in the circumstances of the life. Within each man and woman there is a uniquely creative potential. The tragedy is that most people are reluctant to pursue what they truly love but settle instead for the promise of financial security. The effect of earning a large salary in a stressful working environment undermines the full energetic potential of the money to provide what is truly fulfilling. The unconscious effect is to strengthen the attachment to existence and magnify the fear of loss. However, money earned through a living that is creatively rewarding, translates as a quality that contributes to the harmony of the life. The unconscious effect of this is to gradually dissolve the individual’s attachment to existence and minimise the fear of loss. It’s only through understanding the psychic effect of money that an individual can begin to detach from its hold.
There is the famous saying that it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven (a kamel was apparently a large fishing rope) – which only means that the rich man has more to lose by going on. Eventually we must all go on. Money is the adhesive fluid that attaches humanity to the fabric of existence. When the time comes to depart this world, I trust there will be nothing to hold me back. What about you?

Lance Kelly 2013