Sex – The Global Possession

imagesCA0SXQZYAn alien has invaded and taken over planet earth. This unsuspected entity is sex – now a global possession that drives the progressive world. Sex in its purity is love, the original point of unity. In time, love degraded in potency to a desire for union and the fulfilment of that which was sensed to be missing. Today, wherever love appears or endeavours to be expressed in the world it will soon be extinguished and undermined by the sexual mind of the masses. In this article I’ll be looking at the effects of sex as a global possession in our modern culture and how this manifests in the individual. Some of the signs are obvious whilst others are more subtle and pass by unnoticed by the world at large.

At the time of writing there are innumerable sex scandals rocking the establishment in Britain and in other countries around the world. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that people are still shocked by what’s happening. Sex is behind all the greed, violence, selfishness and cruelty of the world. Masquerading as progress, ambition and the acquisitive ethos of our modern society, sex is the energy that lubricates the engine of existence. Violence and war arise from the sexual frustration of leaders, politicians and industrialists, unable to reconcile the terrible force of their own loveless existence. This in turn fuels the media, whose sole objective is to stoke the unhappiness of the masses by reporting on the misery and vice in the world. Alcohol and drugs cushion the hard edges of living by transmuting pain into pleasure, bolstered by the glamour of the celebrity culture.

Sex pursues the innocent as a serial killer stalks a fresh victim. It is the shadow that dims the light behind every woman who has ever been betrayed and had her heart broken. Sex hides its intent with the consummate skill of the finest illusionist, cunningly biding time while cheerily engaged with the object of desire. Sex can display empathy and create a trust that appears to be real. By then it’s usually too late and, once satisfied, sex is gone (for now) in pursuit of the inexhaustible experience that it craves. Because sex is a trickster, it always appears in disguise until it is safe to reveal its true colours. Sex can be enormously seductive and persuasive in its suggestion of being sacred and beautiful while secretly planning deceit and treachery.

As psychic creatures, we human beings are extremely vulnerable to invisible forces, the coarsest of which are emotional. To be possessed by anyone or anything is to be a slave to an entity that is able to manipulate, control or influence the integrity of another. But to understand why sex is a possessive entity we must first examine where it originates. The human mind is an effect of the sexual possession and compelled to keep moving at an insane tempo to preserve its sense of identity. Anything the mind creates or assumes to be real is invariably destructive of love and beauty on the earth. The human mind and its offspring, human nature, created the world and with it every negative effect that has contributed to the pollution and violation of the planet. The human mind functions effectively when dealing with the practical necessities of sensory existence. However, when focused on the inner reality, it is unable to relate to an intelligence that is still and cannot be quantified. The only option is to either dismiss its significance altogether; or to interpret its presence through some formal structure or symbolism such as mathematics or through a psychic system such as spiritualism or organised religion. 

The sexual possession arises from the core of the self as a reaction to the pain of being in existence. It’s a gradual process that begins to manifest externally in the child through the voice and throat. This is sometimes heard in children when they speak in a distorted and exaggerated manner and, more graphically, when they erupt in a tantrum as they all do at some time. The possession then permeates every cell in the body as a psychic presence, which is triggered at puberty as the reproductive potential is activated. This is compounded through the sexual experience and self-obsessive nature of the developing adult – and is the cause of every neurosis, and psychological disorder that afflicts the human race. The most common effect of the sexual possession is thinking. Thinking provides a psychic release of tension, a sort of background ambience that alters in frequency from aimless thought to a more intense vibration associated with worry, stress or anxiety. Discarnate sexual entities, the energetic residue of past lives, enter the personal space of an individual on thought waves when an emotional connection is able to be established. Indulgence in fantasising and erotic imagery heightens the possibility of psychic possession. 

Sex as the physical expression of love between two bodies is the most natural activity in the world. The unifying energies of the male and female principles provide the most glorious pleasure in existence. If the whole world just made love for the sheer beauty and privilege of being in union with the beloved there would no problems on earth. This is seen in nature where the instinctual drive to reproduce the species manifests magnificently as the passion of life and, as a result, is harmoniously attuned to the well-being of the planet. But it’s obvious that this is not replicated in human affairs; that we have lost sexual control of ourselves and, as a consequence, are slaves to a force that is alien to the natural state of love.

As self-conscious beings, we have been seduced as a race over the millennia by the lure of sexual excitement and psychic stimulation. In short, we have not been able to handle or be responsible for love. So endemic is the global possession of sex that each newborn baby picks up past human sexual ignorance that will manifest in time as problematical symptoms, particularly in their relationships. Since puberty I have been utterly possessed by the demonic energy of sex. You have too – although you may not be aware of it. The purging or conversion of the sexual possession is such a painful and protracted process that it is rarely undertaken, particularly in a partnership unless both are willing to make a stand for love. I was given the opportunity through grace by the spiritual master Barry Long who initiated in me the power and will to confront the terrible affliction that had possessed me. A sense of higher purpose and developing will is the means in which the sexual demon can be tackled against the blind ignorance and dishonesty of the world. The world, in fact, is built on the energy of sexual force. It provides the events and circumstances to either crucify man and woman, so as to be disabused of false concepts of love; or as an enticement to extend further into the dream and the need of hope in some future salvation.

It’s all about discovering a greater purpose to love that somehow transcends making babies and chasing the ultimate orgasmic experience. Sex always has a downside when the thrill is gone.  I was always struck by the terrible emptiness that followed sex without love. And yet this provided the experience to gradually question, and then detach from, the need to suffer continually in the same robotic way. Sex cannot endure as an uninterrupted state; it has to conclude with an orgasm or release of force – and then reconstitute itself in time. Love does endure and is constant in its unwavering stillness and presence. Love is the finest intelligence, the power behind the sexual drive. Transforming sex into love is the mightiest challenge anyone can dare to undertake. Man can travel to the stars, subject his body to the harshest physical challenges or discover the secrets of the universe. But what’s the point when he is still possessed by the demon sex and pollutes whatever he touches by his lack of love and true wisdom of the purpose of life?

The global possession of sex is now firmly established in as much there’s nothing that can be done to eradicate the pounding waves of global negativity. The overall impersonal effect will be a more extreme and graphic portrayal of war and destruction by the media, balanced by greater explicit sexual content. Terrorism is an unconscious reaction to the degradation of love on the earth. Each atrocity is a subliminal jolt into the human subconscious, agitating the psyche with discursive waves of fear and uncertainty. Electricity is the unsuspected wave carrier of reactivated life force that provides the conduit for the impersonal energy of sex to be dispersed externally around the globe. The internet is a worldwide forum for the rational understanding of humanity and functions in accordance with the psychology of the human mind. It’s not surprising, then, that pornography and sex-related websites tower above any other subject matter in the popularity polls. Advertising is another aspect of the impersonal sexual possession operating in the world. It seeks to control and influence others, often luring the unwary through sexual imagery and the power of suggestion of some illusionary delight.  The degradation and exploitation of people in reality shows will increase with technological advances, providing a more intense emotional participation by the masses. In the personal lives sexual possession will manifest as increased anxiety, agitation and paranoia, with the aggressive drive towards material acquisition, creating an ever greater divide between the rich and the poor.

It’s quite a legacy for tomorrow’s children.

Lance Kelly 2012