The Great Escape

May 20, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly

th (54)The great escape is the biggest break-out of all time. The escapees have never been brought to justice and, except in rare instances of self-surrender, continue to be at large in the world. It is the human race that has escaped from reality, transfixed by the massed hypnosis of hope for a better world tomorrow. At a planetary level, the great escape of humanity has externalised as a field of conflict and disharmony that now encircles the earth. Global warming, greenhouse gases and the pollution of the seas and rivers are all symptoms of the negative condition of the planet. It’s no surprise that humanity is looking to escape into space to create a new Eden in some distant constellation. But what is it that we are so desperate to escape from?

It is the simplicity of being present as a body with the pause to perceive that life as a whole is good. The initial impulse to escape this subtle emanation of harmony is to think and contaminate the purity of space – the natural restorative of life. As a race we have become exclusively focused on the movement and mayhem of the world, and desensitised to the subtlety of being. Except in rare instances, people are mostly unconscious of being alive in a body (unless reminded by natural bodily functions) and exist as a pressure point of concentration in the head. The intensity of the continual whirl of thinking and anxiety escapes through the cranium and forms an aura of electrified space that surrounds the body. This is the current of the world that attracts and repels relationships, and influences the events in people’s lives. These personal vibrations knit up with billions of other personal auras across the globe and represent at any time the condition of the world. Each day the forces of existence exert a greater burden on the totality of life forms and natural resources of the earth.

The world cannot avoid its fate through the great escape into time. Only the individual can do it while alive by being willing to journey back through the tunnel of existence to the source of love on the other side. But there is something guarding the entrance back to paradise. It is self, the emotional entity gathered in time as the polarising body of pain. The self is everything in existence except one thing: it is not the original state of being, the purity within every body. The smokescreen the self creates to safeguard its masquerade is ingenious. By keeping the mind busy with continuous stimulation, the world rolls on and perpetuates the living ignorance on earth. The self is the body of excitement and depression that, in different guises, looks through the eyes of the personality for the reflection of itself in the mirror of the world.

Self arises in matter from infancy into the adult as a psychic force of intensity that possesses virtually everybody on earth. This is due to the ignorance of society and the lack of self-knowledge of our parents, schools, universities, politicians, religious leaders and scientific fraternities. Nobody escapes their portion of humanity’s cruelty, greed, jealousy, anger, hatred and chronic resistance to love. Self avoids being responsible for life and blames other people or external events when faced with difficulties, unaware that the present circumstances are the repetition of unconscious living from the past. Self-knowledge is the way back to simplicity and imbues a deeper discrimination of what is false. What is false is of the past and causes pain and discomfort since it has no validity in the present. My self is what I, the individual man or woman, have made – and I must be responsible for my creation. That’s the justice of it all and nobody can refute this when they really see the truth for themselves.

The impulse to escape from the divine purity within the body is almost overwhelming. But it can be overcome when an individual is ready and has suffered enough. Some people turn inwards, but only half-heartedly through the practice of meditation or mindfulness techniques. Although these techniques can be helpful, it is the willingness of the individual that is the most powerful and effective way of invoking the power of Will. The self is a monster of epic proportions and slaying the beast is a lifetime’s work. The individual must make the inner descent alone; but paradoxically is unable to make it alone. The Will is the power that directs the life and is the master behind everything that happens in existence. The self is in revolt to the Will because it assumes there is no other intelligence greater than itself. The spiritual process is to align the personal will that begins in blind ignorance to anything outside of its own self-interest with the Will, the inner master. In this state of negation the force of self is neutralised and must relinquish its hold on the flesh in the presence of purified space. When the person begins to sense a greater reality within and becomes receptive to their inner calling, the master appears externally in person to instruct and guide the loving disciple home.