A Glorious Mess

June 22, 2019 2 By Lance Kelly

Given the opportunity to look down upon creation, an impartial observer would perceive nothing more than a glorious mess. A mess is shambolic, or a situation that is confused and full of problems. But still we find it tolerable to go on, even though for many the journey through life is a great upheaval and undergoing of adversity, although occasionally beautiful. In fact, it could be said that we exist in a sort of disharmonious harmony that stops just short of collapsing into an abyss of insurmountable mayhem.

What is truly remarkable is that the whole of existence is kept in balance by an invisible power that is forever present yet never enters the world. The power is what’s referred to as God or the Divine Being. Although beyond description, it’s not beyond realising as the Source within the body from which life arises into sensory awareness. A question often raised is that, if there is a God, why are so many people afflicted by poverty, injustice and the apparent random violence which is widespread on the planet? It’s not God that creates the appalling conditions and unhappiness – we human beings have brought it about. The mess we have made is of our own making and is something that only we can resolve.

In the first instance this involves being divested of the emotional negativity within our own bodies. As well as the emotional hurts and pains we’ve gathered during our own lifetime, we each at birth have had to take on a portion of the past ignorance of humanity as a whole. This is the backlog of unconscious past life experience that our forefathers were unable to resolve while alive in the senses. Could it therefore be that the greatest contribution to humanity is to die with no emotional baggage as hate, anger or greed so as not to burden tomorrow’s children as we ourselves have been afflicted?

Each individual man and woman has the opportunity to clean up their own mess, without blaming anyone or anything for the circumstances of the life. Responsibility begins with the acceptance of what I’ve been so that I may be responsible now for what I am. Wisdom is the flowering of the knowledge of life lived in the world of experience, whereas truth is the distillation of existence beyond what can be sensibly known. This is to simply be the timeless emanation of reality. It’s just that the perception is unable to grasp the profundity of this original state while focused exclusively on the objective world.

The price of being in existence is time itself, for everybody suffers in time. The mind trap set a long time ago by an intelligence in revolt to the good of the whole has lured the unsuspecting human race onto a treadmill that keeps the world spinning. Time’s up when the past catches up with the present and is no longer an impediment to the fulfilment of being conscious in a body. The idea of existence is then seen to be glorious, with the mess unable to contaminate the beauty and integrity of life.