A Life of Love

December 30, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

Our time on earth is a journey back to love, our original state of being. The fundamental impulse behind every action is to unite with love. But it’s self-evident that something has gone seriously awry with this essential quality of life. This is because there is little knowledge of the purpose of love. There is no purpose to love in the eyes of the world, otherwise the people of the earth would have discovered something worthwhile to serve beyond the aspirations and self-interest of the person. When in love there is no desire to take more than is necessary, only to give; for love completes man and woman as a state of fulfilment.

With so many experts and teachers claiming to have discovered the secret of a life of fulfilment, it’s little wonder ordinary people looking for real guidance regarding their lives are often left more confused than before. Unless someone lives what they speak or write about, their power to communicate will be ineffective and unable to penetrate the deeper layers of resistance.  What is written may be entertaining and thought-provoking; but in matters of love and truth that’s hardly the point. There is no doubt that many people are imbued with great love for their partners, family and fellow man and woman. But the element of personal love prevails as the barrier to the realisation of the impersonal love of the whole and not just the part.

Love is a principle of supreme integrity and there can be no mistaking its divine presence when invoked. Great love attracts to itself the greatest sacrifice. Just what this entails cannot be adequately described, other than to say it involves the surrender of the person to the principle of love itself. When it happens, there will be no choice – only the recognition that everything faced valiantly on the way has contributed to this climacteric point in the mighty romance of life.

The mystery of love is its apparent unpredictability. Suddenly it’s here and the opportunity to love is presented. Or perhaps love in form withdraws and breaks the heart of the man or woman who, in their deepest sorrow, are united with a formless love that is the divine principle of the human spirit in matter. The caprice of the comings and goings of people and things are life’s way of ensuring that the play of love in existence endures as the timeless search for union with the radiance of our eternal being.