A Step Closer to Reality

September 28, 2018 2 By Lance Kelly

The spiritual process is not unlike drilling through the earth for natural resources. In the beginning the going is relatively easy and much progress appears to be made. The deeper the descent, the more the soft fluidity of matter coagulates like magma, a rock solid band that is the elemental substance of the earth.

A diamond is the hardest known material in the world and to dismantle the magma a diamond tip drill is utilised. This is paralleled in the spiritual process. The way is often productive in the early stages with many insights and periods of inner stillness. However it’s not long before progress is halted through some seemingly impenetrable band of resistance. A similar diamond-like tip is then needed to dismantle the impediment; the spiritual diamond point is pure intelligence.

Every setback and difficulty encountered which causes emotional pain and suffering is a preparation for a deeper realisation of truth and a step closer to reality. This reality is God which, to our sensory perception of the objective universe, is nothing. When a partner leaves unexpectedly or when hearing the news of the sudden death of a loved one, the reaction to the discontinuity of life is a state of shock. The spiritual process is the preparation to consciously enter this void, which without right catharsis would instantly obliterate the person and bring about a state of madness.

Extract from the forthcoming e-book ‘The Call of the Spirit’ available this autumn.