A Stroll through Existence

January 18, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

It’s a beautiful evening and people are strolling along the town’s square – and all is well with the world. Everything’s going on; people are falling in and out of love, crimes are being committed and ideas are being hatched to save the planet. Everything appears normal to the casual observer; but to perceive only the sensory world of objects is to be unconscious of what’s happening on the formless side of existence within the observer themselves.

Life is a profound process operating in multiple dimensions beyond human comprehension. Being at the tail end of reality, human beings stroll through existence mostly oblivious to the workings of the invisible psyche which supports the physical substance of sensory perception. Unexpectedly however, something can happen to shatter the normal complacency of the mind’s habitual, undisciplined thought process. And suddenly, the person is conscious of a place of indescribable purity and freedom. This is the divine state of being.

The stroll through existence only becomes a slog when the world is able to exert its presence as the heavy burden of stress and anxiety, which afflicts everyone to some degree. Everybody is a product of the world as the force of emotion in matter; just as each of us embodies an aspect of love as the essence of the earth’s spiritual fragrance. Both world and earth combine to influence and direct the man or woman’s life towards the realisation of the truth of their inner nature – an indefinable idea of cosmic origin, deep within the psyche of the individual.

Human beings are only as real as the time gradient they relate to, which determines someone’s sense of the present. Since most people are preoccupied with resurrecting the past by speaking about what happened yesterday or a previous relationship, the life becomes a pale shadow of its shimmering radiant potential. To help stay grounded in the palpable sensation of the body, it’s vitally important to interrupt the momentum of the world to pause and acknowledge the sky or a tree, or even a blade of grass, which reaffirms the timeless aspect of our being. There’s always a sparrow in the gutter or a pigeon waddling on the pavement, or sometimes a display of flowers provided by the local council to beautify the effects of the steel and concrete jungle.

Whatever helps to break the attachment to the lure of the world, keeps the attention from becoming fixed on the outer projection. Then existence is indeed a delightful stroll, regardless of the challenges of the living life.