A Taste of Freedom

November 14, 2020 2 By Lance Kelly

Freedom, if the word means anything at all, must be a quality of life that endures. Many people despair at their own personal circumstances, convinced that freedom is unattainable while alive. To them, the only choice is to soldier on in acceptance of their lot or else give up altogether. For the majority of the world’s population, belief in a better world in the future provides the necessary impulse to carry on with the charade of living. For them, discovering the truth within themselves can wait.

People experience a feeling of temporary freedom when they achieve their goals, or have a stroke of good luck. But the state of freedom must be able to encompass the misfortune and setbacks that everyone experiences at some time or other. Otherwise it’s not real and the person will still be vulnerable to the caprice of outer forces. What then of the spiritual purpose of life? Is not the idea to enjoy our time on earth as joyous beings imbued with the cosmic element of our timeless origins? Yes it is; but such talk has no meaning for most people attached to their right to be angry and primed for an emotional release of force. But for someone In the process of becoming a more conscious being, there can be a taste of freedom not unlike inhaling pure air on a spring morning. And never again will they settle for the normal reactionary way of living.

At every stage of the spiritual process, it’s the personal self which guards the threshold to freedom. The substance of self consists of the emotional layers of past which dull the vibration of life and deplete the virtue of love. Each time a difficult situation is overcome, it’s another step towards realising freedom as a total harmony of inner and outer realms. It’s the increasing surrender of the old way of unconscious living that energises the living life with a radical upsurge of spiritual power. This becomes a valuable resource to draw upon as the challenges in being true to life are faced in the world.

As the inner journey into the psyche becomes ever more profound, the quality of space becomes finer as an abstract lens of increasing magnification. By now the swiftness of intelligence is consonant with consciousness, which is the incoming light from reality. Light and intelligence are synonymous with spiritual perception as direct knowledge of the mystery of life. Paradoxically, it’s the fear of the unknown which shields the full radiant glare of the spirit from anyone unprepared through the catharsis of self-dissolution. On a broader scale, the unenlightened aspects of self act as a deterrent for someone attempting to barge their way into heaven before it’s time. To make the time to acknowledge God or the invisible Source is an action of consciousness which gradually detaches the man or woman from identification with the world. This sets in motion the circumstances to provide for the needs of the individual, and the freedom to enjoy this glorious creation as a spontaneous expression of life on earth.