September 17, 2022 3 By Lance Kelly

Acceptance is an aspect of the divine creative principle inherent in all things. But to live a life of true acceptance is extremely rare in these times. The normal practice for most people is to prolong the turmoil of emotional pain by refusing to accept the way things are on earth and in their personal lives. It’s one thing to take action to rectify some situation causing difficulties. That’s being practical in the world. But it’s another thing altogether to brood and indulge the mind by ruminating on past experiences that have been emotionally disturbing. This is spiritually unproductive and actually creates a psychic bridge for discarnate energies from the collective pool of humanity’s past to enter and manipulate the personal space of the man or woman.

Due primarily to the emotional way of life devised by the human race, people are unknowingly primed for emotional negativity by the mind’s initial reaction to any new experience. When something happens that moves the emotional self as any feeling, the mind interprets the situation to match as closely as possible any unresolved trauma or negative experience from the past. This introduces a personal bias into the impersonal unfolding of life in the moment, and gives rise to the subsequent negative conditions that must be lived through in time. So it’s not surprising that acceptance is seldom able to endure without interference from the troublesome emotional self.

While the mind is vulnerable to psychic possession by errant thoughts and the spooks of the underworld, the perception of reality will waver. The person will then be identified with a partial representation of life on earth. Acceptance, from the spiritual perspective, is being swift enough in the immediacy of the present to see whatever is happening in the context of the whole of the life. When a man or woman reaches the stage of true acceptance, a remarkable resource of power begins to come forward to harmonise any difficulties or barriers to a deepening realisation of truth; this is the embracement of something vaster than the personal self which is invoked from the source of their own inner being. Difficult situations are then resolved in a far quicker time frame because the waves of consciousness which create the actual circumstances of the life are unopposed by the negative forces of existence.

Sometimes it may appear impossible to accept life’s adjudication, particularly in situations that have irrevocably changed the life. The truth is that I, the intelligence within every body, am creating the circumstances necessary to bring about a higher state of consciousness. Regardless of what may or may not have happened, when someone truly accepts their life without compromising their integrity, they can then reside for increasingly longer periods in an inner state of peace. This is the spiritual significance of being responsible for life now and at any moment. Until this climacteric point is reached, the person (which is everyone on earth who has yet to realise the purpose of existence) will make excuses for perpetuating their own human condition of unhappiness and discontent.

How does someone know that they are in a conscious state of acceptance and have truly let go of any anger or resentment towards another or something that has affected the harmony of their life? And the answer is that they never think or are troubled emotionally about that person, trauma or event ever again. Through invoking the cleansing power of the spirit, which operates in the present as every new moment, the wounds and scars that bled deep within the flesh are healed. Remarkably, what remains is the realisation that everything valiantly undergone has contributed to the virtue of the life. Furthermore, when looking into the mirror of the world, despite the appalling appearance of a civilisation in decline, there is now the knowledge that all is well and in harmony with the cosmic reality of the whole.