May 5, 2023 3 By Lance Kelly

When people speak of angels it’s usually to refer to supernatural phenomena or some New Age teaching. But the truth is that angels have a reality and dwell amongst us in our everyday lives. Each man and woman is potentially an angel, but only in the moment when the being shines through the body as the radiant light of love. The realm of angels is far more real and enduring than our transitory time on earth as mortal beings. To delve deeper we must look through the material veil of the world which obscures the truth of life.

It’s not uncommon for those close to death to see a vision of an angel by their bed, perhaps in the form of the Virgin Mary or similar deity comparable to their faith or religion. This is a response of divine compassion, made possible by the partial withdrawal of the intelligence into the psychic region of the brain. Without the normal resistance generated by the outwardly fixated focus on the world, the ‘visitation’ of an angel creates less alarm than would otherwise normally be the case. Sometimes an angel appears fleetingly as someone or something which puts the person in touch with their own angelic presence within. It’s the same when deeply in love with another, perceiving them more as an angelic being through the formal appearance of the body.

In the external living life an angel is someone who serves another in times of hardship, or is there to reassure and give the strength and inspiration to carry on. The impulse to serve comes from the angelic realm as the demonstration of divine impersonal love in action. Examples are the people working in the medical profession, public services and many others who put aside their personal considerations to serve those in need. The finest virtues of humanity are contained energetically in the angelic realm. But since only ignorance re-incarnates, it’s up to the individual to invoke and bring these qualities to life in the present through the discovery of a higher purpose than the normal self-fixated way of life.

The angel of love is one’s own divinity, the light of impersonal cosmic love. The purpose of life is to realise, and then live, the angelic principle each man and woman represents at the core of their being. But how can someone be sure of an authentic connection with the spirit so as not to doubt or be deluded? When people hallucinate, or when emotional energy (which is psychic force) is predominant, the person holds onto the experience and replays the events and circumstances in the mind. When impersonal love is invoked, the memorable impressions are unable to fix to the mind because the immediacy of the consciousness eliminates the past moment as a continual renewal of the creative moment. All that is retained is the pure knowledge, which is accessible whenever needed.

The word ‘angel’ refers to ‘messenger’ which, from the spiritual perspective, is intuited through our unique waypoint of intelligence that traverses the psyche from sensory awareness to the point of eternity. This divine beam (which enables life to enter and withdraw at will from existence) is the power line of the spirit. To the degree that the light emanation remains vertical as it enters the gradients of the psyche, the angel (or angle) of light retains its spiritual integrity. However, as the light extends further into the slower time gradient of human sensory perception, it bends and reduces in spiritual potency. Consequently the communication becomes distorted and confused. But to the degree that the personal space of an individual is purified of emotional negativity, the more direct the knowledge of the angelic realm and mystery behind existence.

Each of us is looking for the reflection of an angel in existence; this is the purpose of every action and the search for love in the world. For someone whose desire is to amass as much money as possible, the tangible rewards of a life dedicated to the acquisition of wealth will represent to a degree their personal angel of the world; or for another, through some artistic expression that gives form to their inner vision of reality. To many, the angel of love is merely the provision of shelter from the elements and enough food to survive. For those desperate for the connection with the angel at any cost, the needle and narcotic embrace of man’s manipulation of Mother Nature provides a temporary palliative to the possession by the inner demons of the underworld.

In the angelic realm all is one and unchangeable in its eternal state of purity. But it’s here in the everyday life that angels are needed. The justice and integrity of life ensures that each individual is eventually compelled to consciously create their own angelic paradise on earth. The more someone is inspired to acknowledge the good and transcend their personal concerns, the more the angelic reflection becomes a reality in the world.