Back to the Beginning

February 6, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly

Someone inspired to be more conscious and responsible as a being of the earth is journeying back to the beginning of themselves. But this beginning refers to an ongoing state of reality. Words such as beginning or end have no real meaning from the eternal perspective where all is complete and never changes. However, what does change through the living process is the gradual reduction in time as distance from the immediacy of now.

Existence begins as an active presence of life at conception and the developing fetus within the womb. The life unfolds as the circumstances and events which shape and influence the living experience of the person, whose presence contributes to the overall evolution of the whole of creation. This is the basis of astrology whereby the self-made nature of an individual is able to be mapped to some degree. For a long time, living consists mostly of adapting to the changes of the normal life cycles while all the time gathering experience as an emerging emotional body of the pain and pleasure of existence.

The fundamental drive behind all activity on earth is sex. This potent surge of sexual energy translates in human affairs, not only as the impulse to procreate and for sensual experience in the flesh but as the motivational force to become recognised and acknowledged in the world. Wars, hostilities and civil disturbances arise from the sexual frustration of the collective body of humanity. Business empires are made on the wave of sexual force, as are the stars of the entertainment industry whose creative passion (once exploited by the puppet masters pulling the strings) often becomes a pastiche of their original genius. When the flow of pure sexuality within the psyche is dammed, the person becomes a conduit for the negativity of the human condition of unhappiness.

Everyone on earth is compelled, in varying degrees, to extend outwards into the sensory world. It’s to have succeeded enough and failed enough to begin to question the deeper meaning of life. That relatively few people seriously determine to find a greater purpose to their time on earth serves to demonstrate the magnetic pull of the world to experience its enormous range of sensual and enticing possibilities. The task is to reverse the outgoing drive and momentum that projects the intelligence into the external world of the senses – the mirror image of reality. This is done inwardly through entering the body in stillness and humility. This conscious process, when it becomes the primary focus of the life, negates time as the burden of existence.

In the external life it will be necessary to address the unresolved aspects of life that attach the person to the world. This appears in the first instance as the situation that at present is causing the greatest anxiety or inner disturbance. As each aspect of unresolved past is put right in the context of the whole, the inner obstructions of past which had obscured the originating light of consciousness shines more brilliantly through the matter of the form. The man or woman then functions as a beacon of truth for anyone ready to return to the beginning as union with the source of reality.