Banishing Negativity

October 12, 2019 1 By Lance Kelly

To begin to banish negativity is to completely accept that I, the individual, am responsible for everything that happens to my person while alive. Then it’s possible to accept without excuses that negativity such as moods, anger, resentment or blaming others for any unhappiness can no longer be justified. This is a mighty realisation when supported by the resolve to live this as a way of truth in the world.

An effective mantra for someone struggling to come to terms with a trauma or betrayal in love from the past would be: ‘There is no-one to blame, regardless of what’s happened in my life’. Emotional and psychological pain is the meeting point of the past and the present; anything unresolved from the past will create a disturbance in the present. To suffer rightly is to know the purpose of suffering, which only reveals itself through self observation. When inwardly contained and borne valiantly, the emotional negativity is eventually transformed back to love.

The most insidious obstacle to banishing negativity is self-judgement. Self-judgement begins by taking something out of context of the whole of life; for example, a judgement of not being good enough in comparison to another or not being worthy of love. The subtlety of self-judgement is also disguised in believing that it’s important to have an opinion and to have faith in something outside of one’s own integrity. When self-judgement is rampant, judgement of others will persist. This is because everything external reflects the personal self appearing in another form, position and time. Relationships and circumstances provide the opportunity to reduce the pleasure and pain of existence to the natural state of being.

Negativity is anything that disturbs the equilibrium of the inner state of being. The human mind creates negative thoughts for the emotional pain to enjoy itself in the personal space of the man or woman. When someone is still enough, it’s possible to identify a subtle excitation within the body just before this occurs. To perceive this in the moment has the effect of neutralising the emotional energy in the body. The cleansing spiritual power is invoked in the absence of any feelings or movement of the mind.

Banishing negativity is a long and arduous process. As progress is made, be prepared for the reaction of the self, which will entice the mind with almost impossible urges to resurrect anything where there is still emotional attachment. However, it will be important not to judge yourself as having failed in those times when the emotional force appears to have gained the upper hand. There’ll be no shortage of opportunities to be more present and alert for those willing to persevere. Eventually, to banish negativity for good is to be vigilant every moment so that the troublesome self is halted in its tracks and willingly surrenders in humility to the integrity of life within.