Being Responsible

March 26, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

To be responsible is a great rarity on earth. In a world without love, being responsible is unpopular and likely to be perceived as threatening instead of the mark of true individuality. This is because most people assume they need to take responsibility for something outside themselves.

Every person is the face of self in the world, as every being is the face of God in existence. The person can never be responsible as an integrated state of being. This is because the person is a composite of fragments of past experience which comprise mostly of emotional pain and the dishonesty to love. In desperation and lacking in inner wisdom, the person attempts to take responsibility for others by providing money and support. The virtue of this is undeniable when it’s an action of selfless service and not done out of duty to appease the weight of a heavy conscience, which is often the case.

To be responsible is to attend to the existential circumstances that surround the person, and to take the practical action from a place of clarity and discernment. When an individual is truly responsible they cannot blame another or external events for the difficulties in the life. This dissolves or annihilates self-doubt caused by judgment of what may or may not have happened in the past. It’s impossible to merge with God or the mystery of the void while still emotionally attached to the personal responsibilities of the world. This can take a lifetime to get right, and is rarely completed until much work has been done to penetrate the core resistance of unhappiness which surfaces as periodic bouts of emotional negativity.

When responsibility has been taken for the life of the individual, the next phase is to be responsible for life on earth and its place within the cosmos. This coincides with a shift in consciousness which enables the perception to reflect upon the higher realms of mind. To be responsible, just about everything that’s ever been gathered as acquired knowledge has to be abandoned. This is to be as nothing except a body and consciously present in the senses – to live on the edge of uncertainty as a divine emanation of life without compromise.