Being Spiritual

September 18, 2018 2 By Lance Kelly

What is it to be spiritual? Many people associate being spiritual with being ‘a good person’, which is usually to follow some code of conduct associated with a traditional religion or a spiritual teaching that involves visualisation and positive affirmations. The usual assumption is that there’s something to attain, such as spiritual growth, when the truth is the exact opposite.

Spiritual power is negation – the abandonment of everything that’s been absorbed as any acquired learning, or religious indoctrination. It’s impossible to be liberated while there’s belief in anything. There’s a place for such beliefs since existence consists of graduated levels of ignorance within the psyche comparable to the evolutionary needs of an individual. Could it be, however, that the most spiritual man or woman is the most ordinary, distinguished only by their profound self-knowledge?

I’ve often been deeply touched by the humility and innocence of those who speak so openly about their lives. To me this demonstrates that the people are God; and it’s these ordinary people I love and endeavour to serve. Only by being ordinary can that which is extraordinary be realised amidst the drama of life.