Breaking News

January 15, 2022 1 By Lance Kelly


‘Breaking News’ is the term used in the media to grab the attention and alert the public to some major event. Behind the scenes there’s an event happening every moment which is endeavouring to break down the accumulation of past within the human psyche. This is the release of direct knowledge of our eternal origins continuously rising through the psyche into sensory awareness. However, only in the relatively few conscious beings on the planet can reality be perceived without becoming smeared with the emotional residue of unconscious living. This is bad news for the planet, but good news for those not overly concerned with discovering anything more meaningful than whatever their personal power and influence allows them to experience.

Whenever a public figure or celebrity is being interviewed, should they start speaking from their own self-knowledge of the truth of life the conversation is quickly moved on to something less confrontational. This is due to an unwritten rule in broadcasting (really an unconscious safeguard) which says that on no account must anyone be allowed to turn the observing intelligence inwards beyond a certain depth. To do this would instigate a chain reaction of unprecedented proportions from the massed population. The sleeping giant of humanity’s unresolved psychic resistance to love and truth must on no account be stirred – unless it can be directed outwards to something tangible in the world, such as an enemy nation in times of war.

What makes these modern times so precarious is the breaking news which instantly broadcasts to the global community. Never before has news been so rapidly disseminated; as never before has humanity been so vulnerable and exposed to a potential sudden jolt that could emotionally penetrate the majority of the earth’s population – and so awaken the sleeping giant of the world psyche. Stoked with emotional anticipation and fervour, the media reporters and commentators need only to attach themselves to a suitably provocative event of global magnitude to goad the politicians to instigate the countdown to an irreversible release of military force.

Perhaps the next time ‘Breaking News’ is flashed upon the screen, it will be an opportunity to break through to the good news within which is continually being transmitted from our own reality channel. All that’s necessary to begin to have access to this inner source of power is to be responsible for the negativity of the emotional self. The ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the earth and human race is the surrender of the person, the self-orientated entity in revolt to the good of the whole. When news of this breaks, we can be sure of a seismic reaction from the world. But everything’s alright, since the timeless love of something infinitely more profound and wise is in charge.