Checking In

February 8, 2024 3 By Lance Kelly

When practising to be a more conscious being of the earth it’s helpful to regularly ‘check in’ to the reality within the body. You can check in at any time, knowing that your call will always be answered. This is because within each body there’s a source of power that never sleeps which is loving, helpful and willing to respond to any situation. This is the aspect of being that is the open portal to both inner and outer levels of existence.

One of the immediate benefits of checking in on a regular basis is that because it’s a conscious action the effect is to interrupt the unconscious momentum of the day. This breaks up the deluge of information and data which, when allowed to accrue, creates blockages within the psyche which often cause fatigue and inertia at a physical level. Also by regularly checking in, the self’s psychological impulse to reflect on the negative emotions of the past is undermined. In this way there’s a continual upsurge of rejuvenating energy which contributes to the harmony and joy of being alive.

Checking in does not require sitting down for long periods in meditation as it can be done anywhere and at any time. The trick is to remember to do it. People who forget to check in often feel alone and isolated, even amongst friends, loved ones and colleagues. They may be successful in their field and appear outwardly to have it all in terms of prestige and material security. And yet the overriding sense is that something is missing from the life which compels the man or woman to venture further out into the projected world. More often than not, they then seek more extreme emotional experiences to compensate for the natural state of being.

One of the simplest ways of checking in is to give thanks for anything that contributes to the pleasure and privilege of being in existence. It may be just a momentary recognition of the beauty of life, which is then offered inwardly to God or whatever is acknowledged to be mightier than the personal self. Even the briefest time spent checking in is beneficial because whatever is acknowledged returns back from within the psyche. This ensures that the direct line of communication released from the higher realms of mind is kept pure without any distortion from the signal from reality.