Children of the Sun

October 6, 2017 0 By Lance Kelly

Everything in existence originates from the Sun, the sire of life on earth. The rising sun symbolises, not only the dawning of each new day but the divine spark of inspiration which helps us to cope with the challenges of living. People always feel reassured, both psychologically and at a physical level, by the light and warmth of the solar power. Even those who live in parts of the world where there’s little sunshine are delighted, after the long dark winters, to be revitalised by the solar rays.

Nevertheless, the external sun is just a symbol of a more enduring inner sun, which is the light of our innate intelligence and being. It’s only in the dream of existence that the sun appears to move each day from the East to the West. The real sun never sets and is forever rising as the spiritual light of the world. At every level of existence the supreme integrity of life and truth is replicated, from the highest mountain to the microscopic realm of the atom. For life as we know it to exist there has to be a cosmic trigger to instigate the creative process. Starlight is the power within all matter, including our bodies. Each man and woman’s potential is to be that light as the sun of themselves.

The physical body represents reality and the immediacy of the present. The journey back to the sun is made, not in the objective universe but through entering the solar plexus, located just underneath the breast plate; this is the sun portal to cosmic inner space. Astral or star travel, when it happens naturally without intent, begins here as the vital being is freed for a while from attachment to the external apparatus of the body. This can happen in sleep, but it’s unusual to go beyond a prescribed level of the psyche. As more power of stillness is developed, the emotional energies of self gravitate back through the solar plexus into deep inner space, where the emotion is transformed and restored to the original state of purity. As this becomes a conscious practice, the point of perception gravitates ever closer towards the sun.

Ancient civilisations, such as the Aztecs and Incas, worshipped the Sun as an instinctual recognition of God the Most High, and sacrificed men and women in homage to the divine light in the sky. Today we replicate this practice through the sacrifice of our time and energy to the modern idol of the world – the computer and its reactivated power source: electricity. The Sun as the creator of life on earth is an aspect of God; but the perspective of those ancient times limited the vision of the vastness and glory of Divine Being. Beyond the solar system is the ultimate God, the Lord of Existence. Beyond this is the absolute God, which defies description – and even then, possibly opens up to a deeper profundity of God’s Being. Thus does God forever remain a mystery, always beyond that which has been realised.

I often mention the value of gazing at the night sky and the celestial objects, which become significant on the journey back through inner space. When looking at the heavens or the beauty of nature, it’s always beneficial to put the attention on the solar plexus. This induces a connection in consciousness, which then becomes attuned to a state of equilibrium synonymous with the stillness and silence of cosmic space. It’s the power of the sun that determines the climactic change to the life, which is the call of the spirit that’s it time to come home. The divine connection can happen at any time, perhaps in the midst of great emotional upheaval; but when it shines through an individual’s psyche, the focus and direction of the life is irrevocably changed.

The inner sun is the reality or guiding light that endeavours to influence the events and circumstances in everyone’s living life. What limits our perception of the eternal mystery is the corruption of the world, which has smeared our window to the profundity of inner space. This has an effect which manifests in either of two ways. For some the problems appear insurmountable, both in the personal life and in the world at large. Other than alcohol or narcotics to deaden the pain, the only palliative seems to be the hope that someone or something will be effective in removing the injustice and poverty of the human condition. However, for others who have reached a climacteric in their evolutionary journey there’s only one way to go – back to the solar source where it all began. We are all children of the sun.