Climate Change: The Unseen Cause

April 29, 2019 1 By Lance Kelly

The effects of climate change are now beginning to have a major impact upon many regions of the earth. But nothing just happens on a global scale which is not instigated by a more profound inner reality. The condition of the world at any time mirrors the accumulative virtue of humanity’s self-knowledge. The enlightened nucleus of this vast body of knowledge directs and influences each phase of human culture from behind the scenes. 

As co-creators, human beings determine the inception and eventual decline of every civilisation. Western civilisation is unique in being the first world civilisation. The end of this phase of western culture is now pending, with social unrest and civil upheavals coming on an epic scale. Climate change, and other anomalies to the ecosystem, are external effects of the transition to the next cultural phase of humanity. From deep within the psyche an idea, energetically potent as the next cultural epoch of humanity, is gradually rising into existence. To enter the surface awareness, the idea must pass through levels of humanity’s past experience which have hitherto been impenetrable, symbolised by the pack ice under the Polar Regions of the planet.

The Polar Regions symbolise the ethereal quality of the earth’s being. The absence of form, compared to other regions on earth, represents the extremity of the psyche and the threshold of the spiritual realm. Relatively few human beings are able to dwell and survive in such a rarefied and extreme environment. The pack ice and glaciers store water of immense volume, which contains energetically the molecules of our immemorial past. The effect of global warming on the ice is saturating the world with a previously dormant force of extreme psychic intensity. Water is incipient emotion, which becomes an unstoppable deluge when powered by a primal force. The frozen polar hemispheres are melting and relinquishing, by default, their sacred connection with the origins of the planet.

Throughout the ages, there have always been climatic variations; but now the earth is poised to undergo even more drastic changes than have ever been recorded. It’s inconceivable to the masses (and the politicians) that this time there’s no solution to what’s been set in motion from the abdication of responsibility of life on earth. We have crossed the line and now there’s no turning back. The best that can be done is a temporary slowing down of the effects; but it will be ineffective as hope for any long term solution. Due to the world wide proliferation of self-interest and greed, the conflicting negative forces are unable to be countered by the more altruistic qualities of the human race. This creates a backlog of inner pressure within the world psyche that has emitted a toxic cloud of emotional force which now encircles the globe.

Who would believe that climate change is primarily an effect of emotion that seeps out of the body into the atmosphere as personal vibes? This unseen cause of climate change is not only an inconvenient truth but completely unacceptable to the rational mind. Our vibes are invisible rays of vital force, projected ceaselessly as the wants and the desires of the human race; this is the personal aspect contributing to climate change. The impersonal aspect is represented by the discharge into the atmosphere of the gases from industry, and the reactivated energy emitted from our modern electronic devices. No matter what’s discovered or invented for the betterment of humanity, it will be found to have a similar negative effect contributing to global instability and the deflowering of the earth.

The ocean is symbolic of the unconscious. The rising seas are effects of the emergence of the pristine idea of the new earth culture. The closer to the surface of existence, the more discernible is its influence on the times. At present, the idea is being expressed in negative mode through terrorism and random acts of violence across the world. This is mirroring the effects on the environment as the earth adjusts to the new vibration of terrestrial life. Climate change, and every other global disorder, is a consequence of the abdication of love as a way of life or being. The purity of the new idea will eventually come to fruition; but not until humanity has confronted the full force of its abdication of responsibility for life and love on earth.