September 14, 2019 5 By Lance Kelly

There are two aspects of compassion which demonstrate the idea of this divine state: one is an active polarity and the other a passive pole of unwavering spiritual integrity. In its active role compassion is an inrush of God, a momentary obliteration of existence and the petty concerns of man. This is the random arising to the sensory awareness of the compassion of God or life for the suffering and undergoing in the struggle of all things in existence. This impersonal energy when invoked is deeply cathartic and cleansing of the corruption of force in matter. In my own experience the intensity of this revelatory energy is only momentary. But when it happens, such is the impact that the knowledge is retained in consciousness forever as a facet of the spiritual being.

The passive function of compassion is a quality of abstract light which shines through the flesh of the body and is sometimes referred to as presence. This is the self-knowledge accrued from having passed through many of the challenges and hardships of the human condition. Thus the living essence of compassion is the recognition in another life form of what I have been as part of my own earth experience. It is the living testimony of what has not been forgotten when I, too, was steeped in ignorance and the unknowing of what was behind the appearance of the sensory world.

It is compassion which keeps a teacher of truth from being arrogant and looking down on their fellow man and woman. This essential quality of being is often absent in self-proclaimed young ‘gurus’ who come forward to declare themselves before it’s time. And yet everything serves that which is below it in the rectification of ignorance. Compassion is the finest thread of glory essence, which is man and woman’s becoming as the excellence of humanity. When compassion merges with the unknowable but all-pervasive God, the supernal idea of existence shines through from the silence of the black.

In evolutionary terms, compassion serves the greater good as an impulse of the human spirit to serve or alleviate the suffering in another. In this the individual eliminates to some extent the pain and trauma of their own future earth existence. As intelligence delves deeper into the exploration of science and medicine, so correspondingly inspirational ideas are released from the realms of higher mind. Thus through the grace of divine compassion, anaesthetics and other pain-reducing discoveries are provided so that we need not undergo the same degree of suffering that others once endured.

Another word for compassion is love; but this is not sentimental or human love. Compassion is love at its finest octave in the absence of the mind’s interpretation of existence. And yet love, if it is truly divine, encompasses both the beauty and the squalid stench of the world as a totality of self. Divine compassion is to walk through the world but not be moved or fooled by its phoney pretences. In this an individual can see without condemning and live without believing. Such a being will serve in whatever they do, perhaps unrecognised in their ordinary lives yet touched by love in bringing compassion into the world where it is so desperately needed.


Photo: Skye Meaker