November 11, 2022 4 By Lance Kelly

Until the spiritual process of self-discovery reveals the true nature of emotional negativity, it will be impossible to separate a particular emotion from the effects of others. What happens is that one emotion pours into another and creates a fusion of reactionary energy. The mind, overwhelmed and distressed by these energies, endeavours to offload the psychic pressure as quickly as possible. This it does through the projection of force through the body system, either verbally or in extremes through physical violence. This results in the conflictual way of life that operates in everybody in varying degrees.

People can demonstrate great clarity of mind in so many ways, such as when designing a motor car or building a rocket to send man to the moon. There are innumerable examples of the genius of men and women whose dedication to their vocational calling has served humanity in some way. But when it comes to the true purpose of being on earth, the experts of the world display a remarkable lack of perception as to the cause of the predicament now facing the human race: rising anxiety in the face of global warming, pandemics, energy shortages and global financial crises. Despite the great body of scientific knowing and rhetoric of the politicians, those in charge are as confused as anyone as to any real solutions for these times.

In the realm of love, confusion reigns supreme in many relationships. With almost no knowledge of love beyond self-satisfaction and reproducing life in form, human beings have largely remained unaware, or disregarded, the true purpose of being in existence. Love is the unifying principle behind the divisive outer world and is always present underneath the emotional ground of self. When disconnected from love, the unnatural effect is confusion of the mind and body about its true function – to be the spontaneous expression of life and love in existence. When connected with the love within, the normally fragmented world miraculously comes together as a whole. Confusion disappears and what remains is a clarity of mind attuned to the purity of inner and outer space; this is registered as the beauty and privilege of being alive on this sensual earth.

Everything to exist serves in the spiritual process in some way. So what is the value of confusion? At the octave of self-knowledge, which is the highest degree of truth, confusion serves to break down the layers of past unconscious living. These energies have formed a dense barrier of resistance to the incoming light of the spiritual presence of now. The effect of this is registered in some as lethargy, boredom and an inability to focus on anything for long. In others, the effect is to be perpetually active, either through work, fitness regimes or other activities, to outdistance what is subconsciously felt to be something dark and foreboding.

For the man or woman becoming more conscious by self-observation, the energy of confusion is seen to follow a circuitous pattern once established within the mind. By remaining still, and without attributing any mental narrative or images, the energy of confusion begins to straighten out from the centre. The pressure can still be registered, but the presence of a superior power of intelligence compels the emotional force to surrender to this invisible source. When the mind and body consciousness is aligned with the incoming stream of life, the parts of creation merge as a harmony of being which is no longer confusing to the mind.