December 18, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly


Everyone is looking to connect with something in existence to reaffirm their sense of being. People enjoy feeling connected to family, groups, clubs, organisations, religions and nations. This shared camaraderie bolsters the self-esteem, particularly for someone who gains a sense of identity from the collective support of those with similar values and beliefs. But not everyone feels they belong to anything and these people tend to be loners or find it difficult to connect with anyone. It’s not uncommon for this type of person to resort to extreme measures, such as to deliberately provoke or be aggressive, to simply get back a reactionary feeling from another that they exist.

In the natural world, everything functions through a divine connection whereby each aspect of life serves some other facet of existence. This inspires humanity to replicate the same idea in its technological marvels. Today, the internet and social media connect the people of the world as never before. The benefits give people a voice that might not otherwise be heard, and at the push of a button it’s possible for someone to share their interests and knowledge with like-minded individuals. As with all of humanity’s wonderful inventions, there’s a downside to the internet which is potentially devastating for life on earth. These effects are slowly coming to fruition as more of the earth’s population rush to get online.

When someone is inspired to find God, or the deepest realisation of the psyche, they are looking to make the ultimate connection with reality. However, many feel they are unable to aspire to this exalted state when, in truth, everyone is already connected with this original state of being. This is not surprising as, in these times, the truth I am in each body is tenuous against the fluctuating emotional vibrations of the personal self and external world. Consequently, people often resort to ceremonies, rituals or belief in something outside themselves to invoke the essence of the spirit in matter. But for someone at a point of consciousness where the search for truth has eroded the need for any external agencies to validate reality, there’s only one way to go and that’s within. And this is where the truth is realised as the direct knowledge of life.