August 29, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly

th (100)It’s impossible to describe consciousness as an intellectual concept or scientific theory. It is possible, however, to demonstrate the principle of consciousness to anyone willing to participate in the reality the state implies.

The surprising thing is that whenever we’re engaged in activity that is creatively fulfilling, we’re actually immersed in the liberating state of consciousness. The difficulty is that the state cannot be held uninterruptedly due to the coarser emotional forces that populate the body. Feelings that arise (which are interpretations of emotional experience) short-circuit the unified field between the inner and outer realms. This creates a barrier of unconscious resistance, which is the impediment to the realisation of consciousness – the truth behind the formal appearance of the world.

Consciousness supports the external creation by the presence of its timeless profundity. This original purity is present within all things in existence. But it’s only in the most evolved of the species, namely man and woman, that the state can be consciously realised. Consciousness is what we are, each of us a light of self-knowledge ranging in luminosity from a faint glow to brilliant enlightenment. As human beings we’re imbued with an individual consciousness that is our unique cosmic signature and authentic spiritual identity. This is the guiding light that endeavours to influence an individual’s existential life towards a deepening realisation of the inner source.

The difficulty is ‘I’, the reflective intelligence within the individual man or woman. I (in whatever body I appear) have been hoodwinked by the usurpation of an inferior function of mind that assumes there’s no higher intelligence beyond what I can know. Consciousness, however, cannot be known since its timeless quality is unable to be retained in the memory. It’s only possible to be conscious now in the present and not in the past. Direct knowledge from the source of the unconscious is always endeavouring to enter existence, but becomes tainted or partially perceived when interpreted by the mind and its reflective intelligence. This is consolidated in the world by the scientific rational model of existence which, in its avoidance of consciousness, contaminates the young minds of each new generation with its speculative theories that are devoid of any truth or reality.

Consciousness and awareness enable human beings to make sense of the world; but they are not the same. Consciousness pervades the reality of existence within and without, while awareness is attuned to the sensory outer experience of life. Consciousness is what I am before conception and after the death of the mortal body. For a spiritually inspired individual the task is to turn inwards and journey back through the psyche before death of the physical form. The greatest challenge is to disidentify with the image of the body. From this universal attachment to the body arises the fear of death and all emotional negativity. The psychological reaction is to look for security and reassurance in the external world in a futile attempt to find something tangible to compensate for what is sensed, unconsciously, to be missing. The missing element is consciousness that is always present but unable to be discerned in the rational search for meaning in the world.

In the moments when the intelligence merges with consciousness there can be a realisation of being detached from the body. This is the ultimate freedom in existence: to be as nothing with no centre or position. Sometimes people who are not spiritually inclined enter this state, and it’s always with the same impact of astonishment and grace. Wherever the focus of intelligence is at any time determines the reality of individual consciousness. Incredibly, most people exist outside their bodies in an aura of imagination and speculative thinking. This is why so often life subjects us to a shock to the system to literally get us back in the body.

We are all cosmic beings and subject to a karmic law of recurrence that follows incontrovertible principles governing life on earth. The evolutionary movement of humanity is towards cosmic consciousness. In that other place in eternity we are already complete and one with the Supreme Being. But it’s here on the earth that everything happens and the work must be done. Consciousness embodies all I am, and can ever be, in that immaculate state of being beyond space and time.