May 21, 2022 0 By Lance Kelly

Everything in existence happens as a consequence of something already resolved in another place. This other place is the timeless realm, which is unchangeable within the level of eternal mind. Existence is an effect in a slower time gradient of the original cause of reality. Each of us embodies the timeless state of original being, together with the consequences of the experience of life as sensory life forms. Sandwiched between these two aspects of the timeless and time-ridden burden of the past is the individual’s innocence as evolving consciousness.

Whatever is happening in the living life at this moment is a consequence of having been born in a flesh and blood body. This sets in motion a process in time that contributes to the evolving state of consciousness, regardless of whether this is realised at a conscious level of mind. From the cradle to the grave, each action no matter how seemingly trivial (even each breath) changes the perspective of the universal vision of life in some minute way. As someone becomes broader in their perception of life, the consequences of both the personal and impersonal struggle of humanity coalesce as an inspirational energy to serve the greater good in accordance with the lights of an individual.

The pattern of life, and the way it influences and shapes the world we inhabit, is governed by irreversible laws. These laws ensure that the integrity of the planetary consciousness is retained, regardless of the outer conditions. One life sequence follows another, responding with consummate precision to assimilate the continuity of existence without ever missing a frame. This is done in a similar way to a kaleidoscope mirror which adjusts the combined picture with every turn of the eyepiece. For someone looking to become more real in terms of living as a conscious being, the challenge is to harmonise the consequences of the unresolved life that are kept alive within the emotional body of self. This is done with a developing spiritual discernment that is receptive to both the timeless portion of the being and the time laden level of the human mind.

Within the mind is a waypoint of intelligence: a creative point attuned to the timeless echo of reality. When the connection is made at a resonance where contact enlightens the nucleus centre, the consequences of the past are re-energised within the body of self by the pure light of the psyche. This introduces a time change within the body vehicle whereby the direction of the life now taken is towards unifying the fragmented aspects of unconscious living past.

Life, despite many people’s protestations, is not pitted against being creatively fulfilled and immersed in the full knowledge of  the original state of being. It’s just a matter of being responsible for what is presented as the circumstances of the living life. As each life sequence is harmonised, the consequences of the past reflect in the present the beauty and integrity of life, unopposed by the outer forces of existence.