Coronavirus Update

December 24, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

The coronavirus is currently mutating into new variants to preserve its survival as life forms of instinctual intelligence. It’s important to know that everything manifested in existence has a purpose; when that purpose has been served, it disappears or is superseded by something else. And this will happen with the latest pandemic. As mentioned in previous posts, coronavirus and its effects on the world psyche are providing the necessary changes to instigate the next step towards the new life on earth. It’s the mass reaction to the pandemic which is shaking the structure of the psychic past; these compacted emotional layers of human experience have been shielding the radiant idea of the new earth culture. However, we are now at a point where the next sequence of the creative process can begin to manifest in the world.

Each moment of our lives, minute adjustments occur in response to our being here in existence; the combined effect of every living organism instigates each new evolutionary phase of our earth culture. We are at the tail end of the materialistic age of humanity. Through the virtue of the role of Mankind in the creative process of bringing life to fruition as conscious sensory beings, whatever happens or is happening at any point of time enters existence at the behest of humanity as a whole. Many people are still hoping that things will return to how they were before the pandemic. But what’s usually overlooked is that before the restrictions kicked in, the majority of people still defended their right to be unhappy and live in revolt to the harmony of love. The only difference is that the focus of everyday life has now changed.

The greatest challenge for those whose lives have not been overtly affected by infection or the death of loved ones is confronting their attachment to the world. This is registered as any emotional disturbance generated through the restrictions on what was previously taken for granted. For man, it’s his independence which he normally disguises through plausible reasons to be away from home, partner and family; in other words, pleasing his self. For woman, it’s having to confront the awful truth of living a compromise with her partner, family and loved ones. Should this not be the case, the impact of the virus will be minimal and adapted into the harmony of the everyday life.

The emotional reaction of the masses in having to face the awful truth of the impermanence of living is being stoked by the media on a daily basis. Coronavirus is providing the media with the opportunity to print bolder headlines than ever before and criticise the political leaders who are at the cutting edge in the biggest story of the times. The media, like a mosquito which infects the blood stream of the body, spreads the virus of discontent in the world. Trained in duplicity and subterfuge, their sole purpose is to broadcast scandal and the tragedy of others. Some journalists, particularly at the start of their career (and as yet not world wearied and depleted of their virtue), have an earnest desire to serve the greater good and expose the wrongdoings of society. However, the truth is that no politician, expert or anyone in the media really knows what’s going on in the world. They can know parts of it, but not the whole. But from an inner perspective where life as a totality can be realised in consciousness, the truth of these times can be observed with remarkable clarity.

The virtue of humanity that arises in times of crisis is undeniable and can be observed in the way so many people (particularly in the caring professions) are selflessly serving others in this current global crisis. And yet the irony is that it often takes the worst of times to bring out the best in us. However, many people are now experiencing a radical shift of consciousness and have glimpsed the possibility of a future earth existence without the appalling constraints of the way of life devised in this epoch of human evolution. Contrary to the appearance of things, it’s potentially a spiritually productive and inspirational time for us all. To the extent that I the individual am changed within, so it’s possible to change my world for good. And that is indeed something to celebrate.