Cosmic Love

March 24, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

Love is a mighty power of supreme integrity and essential to the harmony and wellbeing of us all. Although humanity is mostly unconscious of love’s purpose, it makes no difference to love’s business, which is always towards union between the inner and outer realms of existence. However in this phase of human culture it’s only in the after-death process, or when love is purified of personal self, that we contribute to immortal life beyond the senses.

Love is unique to the earth and the medium in which human beings participate in the evolution of the cosmos. The desire to love is the impulse for union and the return to the inner state of completion. But with the emphasis on reaching a conclusion in lovemaking as an orgasmic climax, the state of union is usually brief. Love reduces in potency when conditioned by emotional energy such as excitement, impatience and the desire to have power over another. Orgasm is natural when it happens without trying or anticipation, but gradually diminishes as an imperative when there’s purpose and presence in lovemaking. The quality of beauty and stillness is the quintessence of love and where the consciousness of the lovers merge. Where the coarser vibration of sex is predominant, the higher octave of love will be imperceptible, followed by the inevitable downside of moodiness, irritability and demands of the personal self.

Relationships and making love provide an opportunity to suffer rightly and serve another by surrender of any position of past hurts or disappointments. Lovers assume they are together for personal happiness, raising a family and living happily in a lovely home. The truth is that relationships provide the mirror in which the resistance and inertia in matter can be faced in truth and honesty to enable partners to detach from the incestuous love of self. Where there is the potential to enter more deeply the mystery of love, the greater the challenges and obstacles that will have to be faced. Only in the galvanising fire of love made in the flesh is it possible for the impurities of self to be cleansed.

The body is the earth and the vehicle for space travel to the stars. The sexual union between man and woman is symbolic of the merging of earth and cosmos. Man’s subconscious extends from the earth to the moon; but his true desire is to soar beyond the moon to the stars. This is why he erects his skyscrapers and monuments as an unconscious gesture of gratitude towards the most high. The task of man is to purify his personal space to enable him to realise what he’s supposed to be doing on earth. Behind the genitals is a creative power of divine origin; but his sexual drive must somehow be transformed through a higher purpose than just perpetuating the species and enjoying himself in woman’s vagina. As it is, most men have forgotten their function as the male principle of the earth and abdicated their true authority, which is determined by his power to love.

Woman’s deepest yearning is to merge completely with her essential nature of love. As man symbolises the clarity of the intellect and cosmic space, she is the delight of existence arising from the earth’s spirit into matter as female beauty and mystery. Woman’s subconscious is represented by the passage of her vagina to the womb. The impulse in man is to enter the space of the vagina to assuage his cosmic isolation in space. He is only ever really complete through sexual union with the beloved. The passive principle of the female is symbolised by the power of gravitation, the reality behind material space. She is the essence of pure love, which shimmers with a golden radiance that attracts man to her inviolable mystery. The innocence of the vagina emanates a unique spiritual fragrance, and draws to her the perfect mate when self and personal choice are absent. The spiritual scent of man emanates an active presence of concentric spirals from the solar plexus, magnetically receptive to the divine feminine fragrance.

The sacred act of lovemaking is supposed to imbue the individual with the consciousness of the timeless state, so that love is retained in the body for increasingly longer periods. These finest of energies transform the core of the man’s independence and, in woman, enable her to surrender the unhappiness gathered in the trauma of living in a world without love. Without the willingness of a man to go all the way for love and take a woman on without self-consideration, he’ll be unable to assimilate her finest energies. Love is an action of giving to make the beloved more beautiful and glow inwardly with the joy of life.

Physical love is a privilege and, when consciously acknowledged, transcends the sensual experience to merge with the mystery of the formless inner being. There is only one word to describe the profundity of earth and cosmos in spiritual union: it is the Lord. This is the cosmic love inherent within everybody and everything that exists. The next phase of human evolution will be to introduce love as a cosmic possibility into the affairs of life on earth. This will be an imperceptibly slow process, made possible by the few until it becomes a way of life for the many.