Cut and Paste

August 1, 2018 1 By Lance Kelly

When you ‘cut and paste’ on a computer, where does the text go to in the moments between the commands? It goes a little further back to its source, temporarily out of existence but retained on the clipboard. However, there’s something even more intriguing which our computers symbolise in our everyday activities. The sensory perception which presents the appearance of the objective world – and the computer – is merely the surface level of a far more profound and increasingly formless reality.

When the cut is made, the word or image disappears and is no longer visible. To anyone observing, there’s nothing there. It’s the same when you’re in deep dreamless sleep, unconscious or dead. I, the conscious observer am no longer present since I’ve been ‘cut out’ of the screen of existence. Once consciousness is regained I’m ‘pasted’ back in sense as the monitor and aware of my surroundings. The entire operation of the cut and paste mechanism is held in check by the central computer behind the brain.

The central computer is the universal or psychic brain which is replicated in all living creatures with a flesh and blood brain. The psychic brain controls, rectifies and modifies virtually everything that happens in the objective world. The fundamental reality of evolution theory that Darwin and science has failed to perceive is that we’re all servers to this original psychic brain within the terrestrial mind. The impulse and purpose of the psychic brain is towards a deepening enlightenment of its own creative source.

When someone realises immortality, they’ve reached and merged with the psychic brain. This is the first level of what’s referred to as God or Self-realisation. The effect is not unlike switching from standard to fibre optic broadband. No longer having to come through the clunky and wearisome thought processes, the perception functions with a superior swiftness of intelligence.

The cut and paste mechanism of our computer age is symbolic of the life and death process. Sometimes when there’s a power cut the computer data is lost; similarly when the vital life is removed from the body, the person dies unexpectedly. Fortunately in this case, the essence of the living experience is automatically saved and preserved on the hard drive of the psychic brain.

Physical death cuts out the formal representation of the image of the person. Nothing has changed except the tangible substance of that which appeared on the screen. Only now, the thread linking the vital life to the sensory awareness is severed and the essence behind the form is ‘pasted’ onto a more abstract screen of purified space. In this place, free from the restrictions of memory and the drives of the world, the quality of space provides a swifter medium for intelligence to perceive more profoundly into the mystery of life.