Depthless Love

January 8, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly

Love is depthless because it originates within the timeless state of being. This is why there is often an impulse registered in people to disappear into the ecstasy of love, most commonly at the moment of orgasm in lovemaking when the intensity of pleasure reaches its climax. This is a touch of heaven on earth which replicates, energetically, a degree of the profundity of life after death. But in a world of opposites, heaven on earth creates the hell of separation from the union with love as an uninterrupted state of freedom. It’s an appalling paradox (until inwardly resolved) since we intuit love as our very nature but often feel disconnected due to attachment to the coarser energies of the emotional body.

The depth of love in someone can be gauged by the effect of anything to move them inwardly through emotional feelings. Emotional energy, such as anger or resentment, reduces the speed of intelligence and distorts reality by creating a shallow perception of life. Built on the force of sexual energy, the world as an edifice of greed and dishonesty has created a shadow of ignorance; this now shields the portal of reality through which the incoming light of the spirit enters the realm of sensory perception. This compacted layer of past human experience has, for millennia, been mostly dormant, not unlike the permafrost beneath the surface level of the earth. Now exposed due to global warming, the melting ice is releasing harmful gases into the stratosphere of the planet. Similarly, the negative energies of humanity’s immemorial past are increasingly entering the surface of the human psyche.

Each of us is a spiritual being, charged with the task to realise our original nature of love. The privilege of being alive in the senses is reflected in the glory of nature, or through the selfless action of someone serving another; this is the quality that gives life its virtue. Sometimes we amaze ourselves by breaking through a layer of resistance to the harmony of love. For example, instead of reacting to the unconscious actions of another (which may have caused some emotional disturbance in the past), we respond from the depths of love. Such action has the power to dissolve the negativity that would have otherwise lingered unabated. At a more profound octave, there can be the realisation from the depths of the being of the love of someone which may not have been apparent while they were alive. The inner resource that makes this possible is the light of self-knowledge: the living truth of the man or woman gained from the pure experience of life.

The journey back through the pain and trauma of personal love, when consciously made by the man or woman, allows love to enter the world as an agency of original purity. From our earthly perspective, love is the medium on which the idea of existence formulates within the human mind as sensory perception. But there’s another factor which is essential to the evolutionary cycles of the creative process – the mighty cosmic Will. The amazing power of the Will is that despite its ubiquitous presence it imposes no restrictions on anyone’s personal free will. The idea of God or reality in existence comes to fruition through a voluntary surrender of the person to the realm of depthless love.