February 16, 2024 1 By Lance Kelly

Whenever someone is simply being what they are, they will convey elegance in one way or another. Elegance becomes distorted with complication, which is the self-conscious interpretation of life impressed upon the purity of an idea. Nature is elegance on the grand scale; a supernal idea where each constituent part contributes to the survival of the whole. In a worldly sense, the creative work of the finest designers, artists and performers are recognised through an elegance of execution that transcends the mundane and which edifies the consciousness of the observer. But at the spiritual octave, elegance conveys a deeper significance, not only by what is perceived through the senses but through participating with the reality behind the word as an aspect of the harmony of being.

Elegance is akin to flow, which describes the release of the timeless power of the spirit into the gradations of the psyche. As the spiritual power enters existence, original unity is deliberately split into sequences of lesser ideas consonant with the intelligence of sensory perception. Remarkably, the elegance of the procedure ensures that at every level of the psyche the spiritual integrity is retained as a complete world or heaven which supports the radiant idea of existence at that particular gradient of time. Without these levels of reality, the truth seeker would be unable to realise the higher realms of mind.

Love is elegance expressed through the sensual interaction with life lived through a physical body. Love is concerned with the creative evolving side of existence, not in the eternal realm where all is complete unto itself. In the absence of love, elegance becomes an imitation of the real thing, reliant on an emotional reaction to validate whatever is being perceived. In the presence of elegance the mind becomes still and receives the benediction of love, which is beauty radiating as the purity of space. As a man or woman is divested of past and ignorance of unconscious living, the matter of the body becomes pliant and yielding to love. Then, regardless of age or physical appearance, the quality of elegance shines through that being and conveys the truth of life in a way that will serve to bring more rightness and harmony into the world.

As much of a virtue it is to live as an expression of elegance in existence, so it is at death when all has been lived and done in the external world. To die with elegance is to go easy into that other place so as to remain as conscious as possible during the transitional stages of the after death process. Elegance in life prepares the way for a harmonious crossover to the full reality of the state of immortal being. In death, the essence of the life as individual consciousness gravitates with supreme elegance to the place of belonging that corresponds to the self-knowledge accrued during the lifetime. Here, the divine union occurs with the lights of innumerable lives which, as a totality, replicate the source of the eternal spirit. Such is the elegance of this magnificent idea called life.