Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

June 26, 2021 3 By Lance Kelly

The place of extra-terrestrial intelligence is a mythic realm beyond rational understanding; but not beyond realising as the cosmic idea each of us represents in form. In this mythic realm there is the knowledge that everything that happens serves a greater good. In this place everything functions in the present; so every last moment is eliminated, creating an ongoing flow of harmony and equilibrium. This is why spiritual teachings direct the individual to the point of now to become accustomed to the faster than light speed perception of the ever-recurring moment.

Extra-terrestrial intelligence exceeds the time gradient of sensory existence. At present it’s still extremely rare for someone to realise this as an uninterrupted state of being. The whole purpose of life at this phase of human evolution is towards the deepening realisation of this faster than light speed swiftness of intelligence. Amazingly, this direct knowledge of reality is accessible, given the time and inspiration to unite with the higher levels of mind inherent within the body. When in love or connected to the beauty of the earth, the structure of the world (which is the projection of self in existence) collapses. The upsurge of the passion of life approximates in those moments the frequency of extra-terrestrial intelligence.

The undergoing of the challenges and hardships associated with the spiritual life is for extra-terrestrial intelligence to enter the psyche through the surrender by the person of attachment to the world. The psychological pressure and emotional pain that the man or woman must undergo as a spiritual catharsis is the energetic transformation that happens within the matter of the body. The corruption is time, the accumulation of past gathered as the living experience since birth; these emotional energies harden and become attached to the flesh of the body. Gradually, the layers of the psychic self are divested of negative force and restored to the original state of love.

Pure love is the medium for faster than light speed communication, which is synonymous with extra-terrestrial intelligence. From a universal perspective, there is no love elsewhere in the cosmos, only on the earth; love is the earth’s unique spiritual contribution to the evolution of life within the whole of the cosmos. And yet the incredible truth is that extra-terrestrial intelligence, wherever it appears in outer space, arises from the planetary consciousness of the earth. Everything perceived in the objective universe is a projection of our earth idea, including the stars, planets and galaxies astronomical distances in space. In other words life, now or in the future, is us in another time. In the evolutionary dream of existence, as humanity exceeds the gravitational pull of the earth and journeys further out into the cosmos, so the idea of sensual love in the flesh will gradually diminish. Love is our original stock; but unbeknown to extra-terrestrial intelligence it’s the principle of love which is the magnet for extra-terrestrials to re-visit the earth. This appears as the phenomenon of UFOs, witnessed by people all over the world.

In our current epoch of evolutionary time, the human potential to participate at a level comparable to extra-terrestrial intelligence is negligible due to our adherence to an emotional way of life. Emotion is the substance of the past which slows down intelligence to a crawl. But this doesn’t alter the cosmic process that each of us must face in our living lives. At birth each man or woman is apportioned, through the integrity of life, any unresolved aspects of human experience. These energies of past then appear as the difficulties and challenges in the living life. Gradually the timeless justice ensures that a balance is achieved between that which has been gained and lost in the great movement of life. This negates the need for the person to be reborn into a world of ignorance; and the being can then reside in a mythic realm beyond the portals of time.