Feng Shui

November 3, 2018 1 By Lance Kelly

Feng Shui, as it was originally practised, was a way of life whereby the people of the East could live, love and work in harmony with nature. Their home, its position and all aspects of the daily living experience were governed by cosmic principles observed in the elements and life in all its myriad forms. As the man or woman was a walking piece of earth, they were not separate from the whole and were completely attuned to their place in the scheme of things. From this cosmic connection arose a living culture which was practised as a means to live a life of harmony. For these people, Feng Shui was inseparable from the very air they breathed.

Feng Shui originates from the writings of the I Ching, known in the West as ‘The Book of Changes’. The first practitioners of what was to become Feng Shui were revered for their knowledge and practical skills, and enjoyed privileged positions in the courts of ancient China. They were a cross between a priest and a scientist. The fundamental principle of Feng Shui is the balance of yin and yang, which maintains a perfect state of equilibrium as an inner and outer reality. The task of the Feng Shui master was to be in union with the flow of life, allowing auspicious and nourishing chi to circulate. The crucial question is: what upset the balance causing negative ‘chi’ to occur in the first place? This was the encroaching presence of western civilisation and the progressive drive of the human race.

The western idea of Feng Shui is a flawed interpretation of the original practice. This is because the West cannot help but exploit anything that can be used to its own advantage. So what’s the value of Feng Shui in the West? As it stands, it’s purely entertainment and a desire to be associated with the mystique of the East – something to glamorise the drab mediocrity of everyday living. Turtles, dragons and tigers are merely a playful distraction unless you happen to meet a real one. These symbols, as a reflection of humanity’s lost virtue, are reduced to superficial puppets and lucky (or otherwise) talismans to bring gain and prosperity. Western culture is the poison arrow, thrust deeply into the heart of a bleeding, disparate society.