Final Approach

January 27, 2024 7 By Lance Kelly

An aircraft needs to be fully stabilised in its final approach to ensure a smooth landing. Similarly, the psychic body which operates as the intermediate level of an individual’s reality system needs to be adjusted accordingly for touchdown with a deeper resonance of being. The pilot must be aware of both inner and outer realms and follow the path of lights to the location of the runway. Sometimes on the final approach something unexpected occurs and it’s not possible to land where originally intended. The pilot must then instigate a ‘go around’ which entails another circuit of time. It’s to remain calm and focused so as to establish a holding pattern until there’s another opportunity to land.

During the flight, which is symbolic of the journey through existence, the personal drives and ambitions reduce in frequency and any emotional baggage is distributed throughout the fuselage or personal space of the body. The direction of the life vehicle levels out at a cruising speed comparable to the weight of past being carried in the cargo bay. An emergency sometimes arises triggering a rapid descent into the pain and unhappiness of past experiences. The person fears the unknown and clings to their most treasured possessions (which represent their deepest attachments), keeping love and the fulfilment of life at a distance.

The journey between birth and death is a gathering of the necessary experience to provide the practical skills to survive and function in the world. However, it’s the attachment to our past emotional experience which can make us fly either too low or too high. In extremes this can be fatal, so the pilot must become fully acclimatised to the altitude they are flying at present. Out speeding the moment is a downgrading of consciousness which strengthens the herd mentality to find security among the masses. True individuality is discovered in travelling light or, put another way, in the light of self-knowledge.

The world exists to perpetuate itself as a global spinning wheel, driven by its own momentum to preserve some measure of equilibrium. The final approach is the virtue of participating on the long haul of life. It’s to touch down and be joyous in returning home after being away for so long.