Forget Me and Let Love Be

November 4, 2017 0 By Lance Kelly





My face defined by changing mood
A body of parts
On  an emotional ride
Carried on breakers of this earthly tide.
Forget me
And let love be.

Embodied in flesh
An unanswered thought
Travels in time on ancient space,
A wisp of eternity
Gathering mass
Until life comes forth in formal guise
By infinite grace
Of the Divine.

God the imponderable,
Still and immense
Beyond common sense.
Immortal moment
Strikes an awestruck mind
Forever behind now
But riveted to the point
Where reality breaks the spell
Of the dreamer and the dream.

Shimmering One
Light of a thousand suns
Golden glow of silence,
Love’s mystery
Venerated as She
Exalted in He
Sacred union in the flesh
A beginning with no end.
Forget me
And let love be.