From Both Sides Now

December 16, 2018 2 By Lance Kelly

Songs often contain the truth. I begin the journey of life with the world by my side. My world is all I am as a body of sense and a memory. For a long time I live a lopsided existence and struggle to remain afloat upon the surface of existence. Battered and bruised, through grace I am thrown a lifeline to haul myself up onto higher ground. Refreshed by the stream of love’s benevolence, I receive an emanation of hereness which reaffirms the conviction of existence as a state of now.

As hereness and now coalesce as a palpable sensation of relationship to the environment, the sense of division which appears as the normal perspective of time and distance is realised as a unity of being. What seemed separate is now whole, fused by the consciousness of purified space as an inner and outer state of reality. When all is said and done, I am at peace when able to perceive the world from both sides now.