March 9, 2019 1 By Lance Kelly

Gender-fluid is rapidly becoming a byword for people without a specific gender role. It’s now being universally acknowledged, with the elimination of gender distinction a predominant feature in the social and cultural lives of the masses.

This new trend is currently being propagated by no less a patronage than Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who have announced their intention to raise their children in a gender-fluid environment. The rationale is that it’s more humane to allow the child to discover whether the male or female gender is predominant in the body at any particular stage of their maturing process into adulthood. Also it’s supposedly to offset any psychological pressure of discrimination which may impede the child’s development. It could be argued that this is a positive step to break down the stereotypes of the male and female roles to enable a greater acceptance and freedom for people to be what they are, without fear of prejudice or rebuttal for their sexual preference. This may be so, but that only serves to remove the surface layer of a far more insidious and deep-rooted aberration within the human psyche.

What has happened is that the fluidity of the psyche has become encrusted by the sexual force of the world and, with it, the natural distinction between the genders. The psychic blockage now surrounds the earth as a ring of emotional negativity which short-circuits the power of attraction between the male and female principles. The brain interrupts this intermittent loss of pure unconditional love as a possible threat to its primary function to reproduce life in form. To compensate, the brain is compelled to combine the vital dual polarities of the opposite principles within the same body. The consequences of this are disastrous for love on earth.

The purpose of love is for woman to reunite with her place of inner mystery – the womb. For man it’s to enter the womb in searing devotion to the shrine of love in existence. This can only be made real in the flesh through the organs of love, namely the penis and vagina. This is the natural way in which love is made in the body. Anything else is an avoidance of the purpose of love, but will be disregarded by the progressive wave of eager participants who are enlivened by the prospect of an exciting and liberating new way of self-expression. So where is all this heading?

The human race is preparing to leave the planet and to remove the need for personal relationships between the genders with the manufacture of genetically-engineered human robots. These will function primarily as sexual slaves and be identical in appearance to the real human flesh and blood bodies. The scientific breakthroughs which are pending, in addition to paving the way to create human forms like gods, will facilitate exceeding the speed of light and space travel to the stars. The movement to an asexual and genderless society, supported by the minorities, provides the widespread cover-up which will ensure that government agencies will give the go-ahead for the scientific funding of such an epic undertaking in human evolution.
The truth of the times can often be perceived through global events and cultural movements which enter the mainstream and influence the way people experience life on earth. In the realm of love and relationships, the shift towards an asexual society is rapidly accelerating with each new generation.