Giving to Life

May 4, 2019 6 By Lance Kelly

As the spiritual inspiration to transcend unconscious habitual patterns becomes more real, it’s a natural impulse to give to life without wanting anything in return. As human beings we love to serve, whether the needs of others or upholding the standards of a nation in the armed forces. To give to life, however, doesn’t require anything other than to acknowledge the intrinsic good which is always present underneath any emotional negativity.

To give to life is to give up the right to ruminate on the past as any brooding or resentment of another, or the outcome of a situation. Emotion is a corrosive energy that needs the co-operation of the person to retain a presence in existence. To exert its position of suppression, the person surrenders the innate power of the spirit, which is everybody’s sacred birthright. The spiritual element of human beings is intelligence imbued with the potential to be conscious of the source of immortal life.

The fixative that bonds the body of pain to the flesh is the rational mind which, in its unabated mental processing, becomes attached to the momentum of the world. The person has little inclination, when engrossed in the froth of living, to give – except that is to the demands of the workplace or their personal affairs. The glory of life is reflected all around as the trees or stunning clouds, but rarely truly acknowledged as a pause to give thanks to life. Everything needs acknowledgment to affirm its place on the earth, without which it erodes and eventually disappears. The deforestation of vast tracts of land, and species on the verge of extinction, are effects of humanity’s primary focus on the acquisition of material gain, while each day the deterioration of the planet worsens.

Love, as the unifying power of existence, is disappearing from the world. As a consequence, matter weakens and is no longer able to support the psychic structure of the body of humanity. Climate change, electromagnetic pollution and the degradation of life at every level of society are effects of the absence of love on earth. The world cannot avoid what’s coming as the confrontation with its past transgressions. But it is possible to make a difference to the greater good by making time to give to life in gratitude for the privilege of being alive.