September 27, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly

thAs a race we can’t seem to get enough of glamour. The world is stoked on the fuel of glamour and relies on the willing participation of the people to be seduced by its suggestion. Glamour is self buffed up and on its best behaviour. However, its glittering outer appearance masks the predatory nature of sex, often under the guise of something beautiful and culturally enriching.

The seeds of glamour were sown when the human race started to adorn their bodies with trinkets. Little wonder that the fashion industry is the most elite and glamorous in the world. It’s the perfect demonstration of glamour in action, with fabulous creations designed for ordinary people but beyond the means of the many. Glamour began to filter into the mainstream of the human psyche when certain individuals realised that not everybody was the same; and that it was possible to influence and control the minds of others through the power of illusion. These people were the first priests.

Psychic magic, with its rituals and ceremonies often involving human sacrifice, became the means by which the subservience of the people could be maintained. In our modern era it’s business as usual, with psychic magic still the most powerful glamour in the world. Today’s high priests are the media moguls and advertising wizards whose cunning and ingenuity is used to manipulate and shape the way we perceive the world. Occasionally a ritual sacrifice is made of a celebrity or public figure who has dared to cross the line of the acceptable face of glamour. To be seen to be respectable is paramount to keep the charade going.

However, there’s nothing wrong with glamour as long as an individual can walk through it and not be fooled by its phoney pretensions. It’s not unlike listening to music without being pulled out of the senses by the beat. It’s all about remaining conscious and keeping the inner space clear. Glamour, as a psychic force, relies on the co-operation of the person to substantiate its existence. It does this through the excitation of the emotional body and, depending on the connection established, depletes the inner being of its finest energies. This is why so often, particularly in the entertainment industry, there are many casualties who succumb to the flip side of glamour – the sordid underbelly of the world.

One of the more insidious aspects of glamour is when it’s presented as something representative of ordinary life, but is in fact outside the experience of the many. The human race invented glamour to spice up the mediocrity of living,since love has been all but discarded for a substitute way of life. It’s common for people to project themselves onto the glamour of those in the public eye and live vicariously through them. From a worldly perspective, anything devoid of glamour is dull, dreary and depressing. If it were possible to remove the effects of glamour, the world for most people would consist of a chilling concrete superstructure.

There’s no glamour in nature, despite the attempts in many television productions to spice up the natural scenes with music or emotional commentaries. Nature functions as a divine harmony without the need for any human embellishment. And this is the key in perceiving what glamour is and what it’s not. What is rare amongst people is to experience something without interpretation by the feelings. Where there’s no emotional connection, the usual reaction is boredom and disinterest. This is because we’ve lost touch with our innate sensitivity to pure perception, having become more attuned to the coarse frequency of this glamorous age.

The amazing thing is that as an individual begins to realise a deeper love that is not dependent on emotional highs and lows, glamour begins to be lose its appeal and validity. The experience is no longer deemed necessary to elevate the personal self to a position of exclusivity of one’s fellow man and woman. Then, on those occasions when it’s necessary to participate at a glamorous event or to be on display in the world in a specific role, it can be enjoyed for what it is – and then to let it go when it’s over. The difficulty is that we’ve lost the ability to function as pure experience in the present, and have instead become attached to the need to hold on to the experience of the past.

From a deeper perception, glamour is an interpretation of an idea of cosmic origin. Before glamour was conceived, beauty alone was present as the natural abundance of life on earth. Glamour can appear as beauty in the form of a man or woman, or as elegance and romance, but promises more than it delivers. This is because, unlike true beauty, glamour lacks the power and reality to endure. Beauty is a divine idea that resides on the threshold of love and truth in the realm of higher mind. Man and woman reflect continually on this extraordinary light of radiance by the part of the self that is more receptive to the finer energies of the spirit. But as beauty enters the human psyche it becomes corrupted by emotional forces and interpreted by the mind to satisfy the desires of the person. To the degree the personal space is purified in an individual, glamour is transcended and beauty is able to externalise; but not necessarily in a way that would be recognised in the world.