Hidden in Plain View

June 19, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly

The most profound truths of existence are demonstrable all around us, reflected in the people, objects and events which shape our view of life. But something is preventing this from being seen; otherwise it would be a universal truth and allow everybody to lay down their personal opinions and beliefs. The barrier is the world, which is increasingly being superimposed upon the simplicity of the earth. The world is a concept of the mind that has arisen in time to validate human nature – the bad seed of the apple consumed in Eden now rooted in the fertile ground of humanity’s duplicity and greed. To unite with the spiritual being of the earth and return to our divine nature necessitates a radical shift in perception. Until this happens, the mystery of reality remains hidden within plain view.

It’s a common experience to search for a solution and then discover that it’s been staring us in the face. An example is looking for love when the possibility for a relationship is someone already in the existing circle of friends. Or perhaps when frustrated through compromising in a job for the sake of security, a natural talent is revealed for something more creatively fulfilling. A breakthrough can happen in any situation once the fear of taking a chance on life is overcome. What’s rarely perceived is that within every experience since birth is a recurring theme which actually forms the foundation of all the aspirations and desires of a particular life recurrence.

Hidden within the memory is a more enduring recollection of the purpose of living; a more profound region of the memory attuned to the abstract value of the life’s experience with a function far beyond just calling up data and past impressions. This energy is converted to a psychic frequency that reflects the original patterns and life’s potential. Although retained within the memory, it’s usually indiscernible but registered as something missing or unfulfilled in the life. It’s this energetic idea of the life that sometimes appears as a flash image of something from childhood; or perhaps the scent of a rose which communicates fulfilment or a yearning for love and completion. With increasing self-observation, the unconscious behavioural patterns of the past are perceived more in the moment and the life’s purpose is gradually revealed.

Within the ubiquitous space of existence is love. The original state of love is an ever-recurring point of reality deep within the psyche of every man and woman. This state of being is approximated by the beauty of physical union in the flesh. But we are something else as well. And this is matter – the meeting point of nothing becoming something, continually being renewed in time. Our true essence that is our divine nature can only retain its presence in existence when time as past is no longer an impediment to its purity. Thus the presence of our divine nature is mostly obscured by the emotional demands people impose on themselves and of others. Unless love is made conscious by the frequent acknowledgment of the privilege of being alive, the light of our inner divinity is unable to enlighten the matter. But when love shines through a body from the divine essence within, there’s an immediate recognition of a light that is no longer hidden but clearly in plain view.