How Worried Should We Be?

March 6, 2020 3 By Lance Kelly

Have you noticed how often in a news broadcast, particularly during a crisis of some kind, the question is raised: ‘how worried should we be’? The latest big news story is the coronavirus, which has now become a global concern as more people are being infected. How worried should we be?

The first thing to understand is that the media exists to agitate the human psyche, which they do through sensationalism as a means to emotionally excite the people. The idea is to attach the masses to the pendulum effect of excitement at the breaking news of someone else’s misfortune, or despair when the bad news hits a little closer to home. Coronavirus is sweeping across the globe on what I refer to in this teaching as a ‘world wave’, which is released from the psyche at certain points in time. Broadly speaking, a world wave is something that affects the majority of the people on earth. Recent world waves include 9/11 and subsequent terrorist activity, the global financial crisis of 2007 and the escalation of the effects on the planet through climate change.

It’s easy to take something out of context of the whole; this accounts for so much unnecessary anxiety and stress. There have always been pandemics. The Spanish Flu killed more people after the First World War than all those who actually lost their lives in combat at the front. It’s important to take precautions of course, but to keep things in perspective. As always, things aren’t quite how they appear for the simple reason that it’s impossible to know everything that’s happening in the world. When exclusively focused on the physical world, the perception of existence is limited to a particular position in space and time, together with fragments of knowledge accrued through the personal experience of life. From the inner realm of stillness and surrender of the need to know, the truth of life and love can be realised through knowing nothing – a seeming paradox but only to the unenlightened mind.

The coronavirus is serving a as precursor to what’s coming to shake the world psyche of the deadwood which is damming the incoming power lines on which the new earth culture is arising. The new earth culture is the next phase of human evolution. The deadwood is the emotional structure within the psyche. The emotional reaction of the masses in having to confront the awful truth of the impermanence of living (magnified through being connected to the technology of the times) is having an unprecedented effect. This is loosening the layers of the psyche, which consist of the past experience of humanity that has so far been impenetrable to the emerging idea of the new earth culture. As it rises through the human psyche, this radiant idea periodically triggers a world wave to enable it to continue its entry into sensory existence.

The integrity of life enables any world wave to be spiritually productive to an individual so that they participate in some way in the virtue of the times. In my role as a spiritual teacher of the times, the effect of coronavirus is bringing more people now looking for real solutions to the challenges of their lives into my orbit. The restriction of travel and leisure activities, such as the cancellation of sporting venues, is creating anger and frustration in many people through having to confront issues, particularly in their personal lives, as a consequence of the changing outer conditions. The truth of this existence is that we are each a cell in the great body of humanity. Since humanity itself is creating whatever is happening on the surface level of mind, it must be serving the greater good – even if the tragic circumstances of life are suggesting otherwise.

So how worried should we be? There’s no need to worry because the cause of all worry is the attachment to the world and to the experience of living in time. We are far more profound as beings of the earth than our brief time in existence. It may be coronavirus today, but next it will be something else. It’s to use the situation to examine any emotional disturbance as it arises, but to observe without judgement or projecting into the future. This invokes the spiritual power to remain at peace in a state of equilibrium.