Humanity’s Becoming

October 5, 2019 1 By Lance Kelly

Although many masters and mystics have realised the unity of God within their being, it is not a universal truth. What is universal is everybody’s living experience. If it were possible for everyone alive to suddenly be inducted into the state of God consciousness, the sound of billions of bodies falling to their knees in drop dead wonder and amazement would be deafening. So what is that the relatively few enlightened individuals have realised that evades the majority of the world’s population? And the answer is: they have passed through their humanity and realised a peace beyond understanding as an uninterrupted state of love and truth.

Humanity began to formulate as a structure in the mind when human beings first became identified with physical death and separated from the immortal state of life. Over thousands of years the preconscious – the original space of the psyche – gradually became corrupted with the past energies generated by self-conscious human beings. These psychic forces of humanity’s abdication of responsibility for life and love now surround the simplicity of the earth as an abstract field of human ignorance. Only through passing through this electrostatic shield of conceptual impressions can lasting freedom be attained.

Humanity is a mind-made concept of the original paradise on earth. A concept is an interpretation of an idea and not the reality itself. Humanity consists energetically of everything that has evolved in time as the manufactured world of exploration into the substance of matter. Examples include business, commerce, religion, science, pornography and everything under the sun. Today the brain, through its agency of intelligence – the human mind, reflects almost exclusively on humanity’s conceptual notions of life. And yet the brain still retains the original idea of existence in its pristine state. This is a principle called Mankind.

The striving towards excellence in any creative endeavour or nobility of action is contained within this mighty idea of Mankind – the becoming of humanity as the virtue of man and woman. Each of us is a unique aspect of this divine principle. Whenever in touch with this point of radiance there is an immediate recognition of the joy and fulfilment of life. Everybody touches this place within their being when in love or in moments with nothing arising to disturb the sense of peace. Once liberated from the magnetic pull of the world, the perception of existence from the nothing side of the manifested creation is seen anew with startling insight and clarity.

Humanity restored to the pure idea of Mankind is the next phase of our earth culture. But for this to come to fruition will be devastating for the human race. Everyone alive is serving that cosmic purpose in some way or other. To be willing to do this as a conscious offering to the indefinable source of life is a giant leap for Mankind which contributes more than anything towards peace on earth as the becoming of our humanity.