Ideas: Portals to Reality

November 25, 2022 1 By Lance Kelly


In the spiritual process, the realisation of the pristine ideas energetically contained within the intellect is paramount to the deepening knowledge of reality. Ideas occupy a realm of mind which, when perceived through the spiritual vision, are capsules of light suspended in a state of shimmering tones and colour.

Any reflection as thought or movement of the mind immediately short-circuits the pure idea, which then spins out of orbit and is ejected outside the body where its timeless essence is divested of most of its originality and brilliance. The difficulty is that we’ve been programmed to make a concept of the idea. A concept is an interpretation of an idea and creates a delta of effects which spawn endless discussion and theories. An idea is perceived only in the present, whereas a concept is a synthesis of acquired knowing and memory impressions of the past.

An idea is a quantum of original knowledge which is complete and needs no embellishment. From a sensory perspective, ideas manifest as lines or patterns of amazing ingenuity and complexity. Snowflakes, for example, have been observed to take shape with remarkable definition, each different but set to a particular idea mould of incomparable brilliance and design. Artistry through self-expression often replicates ideas at an abstract level, such as in Celtic or Islamic art, where the patterns and lines are intuitively woven to mirror the marvel of the inner process.

Anything to manifest in the world such as a leaf, chair or a nation replicates the original spiritual idea to which all lesser versions aspire. Ideas pass through the labyrinths of the psyche and enter sensory perception at a reduced level of their original essence. Because an idea is unable to externalise in its pristine original state, one idea blends with another. So, for example, the idea of black blends with the idea of cat, which then appears as black cat. Ideas are continually informing and influencing human affairs, providing the inspiration to define life and the universe with ever greater detail and precision. The combined effect of the totality of ideas accounts for cultural variations in taste and fashion as the global movement towards the ideal.

There are certain ideas of such profundity that they support the hierarchal structure of the psyche and determine the whole remarkable system of creation. One of these ideas is the idea of Mankind, through which we’re all connected as individual cells within the great body of humanity. When inwardly intuited, the idea of Mankind is a blazing light of such intensity that it’s been likened to a thousand suns. This point of reality is a mighty source of spiritual power, but only accessible when the inner space of the person is purified enough for the connection to be made.

When an idea is becoming established in the human psyche it’s often intuited by a number of individuals at the same time. There’s even a scientific hypothesis called ‘multiple discovery’ that has been coined to describe this phenomenon. What happens is that the idea gravitates to any receptive mind, be it a scientist, artist or anyone whose brain waves are able to translate the abstract ideas into a sensible working model so as to manifest in the world. For a mystic or someone spiritually inclined, the process differs in that their intelligence, when speeded up sufficiently, becomes focused on more cosmic ideas within the psyche. When realised at a certain depth, lesser ideas such as those relating to the human condition and the material world are elevated to the same level of higher consciousness. This is the foundation of self-knowledge, which is the highest source of truth based on the universal experience of humanity as a whole.

In that other place beyond time and space called eternity, each of us is an idea in the Divine Mind. Existence and the whole struggle of the living process is a means in which the idea of our cosmic reality can be gradually realised more fully in the sensory realm. With sufficient power the idea becomes self-luminous and, in sufficient numbers, creates a fusion effect on a particular segment of the earth’s population. The activation of the idea as a conscious spiritual practice is an aspect of the next phase of human evolution. It’s a part of the ever-moving truth, which is really the one universal teaching that encompasses the entire human spectrum of higher knowledge.

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